Trimming advice for flowering stage

I’ve been growing for over 9 years now. I know my set up isn’t the best I have my clones/vegetation stage grow in a closet under what I think is about a 100 watt fluorescent and then my flower stage grow is in a tent with 4 100 watt lights each with 2 50 watt COB LED chips in each light. Despite that I’ve been doing fairly well with my set up improving each grow. The problem that I’m starting to run into now is that I’m finally starting to get to the point where my plants are getting so big that I’m not sure how to properly trim them which is the one part of the process I haven’t really wrapped my head fully around.
The plant I’m worried about right now was put into the flower stage April 10th but went through at least a week and a half if not up to 2 weeks of transplant shock as I had to put her directly into the flowering tent after the transplant and is in an 8 gallon pot.
The soil is 1/2 pro-mix hp+biofungicide and 1/2 Happy Frog
Ph was about 6.6 but i haven’t measured very recently
not sure of ppm or ec of nutes
indoor tent grow
Like I said running 4 100 watt lights that have 2 50 watt COB chips in each light in the flowering tent. Hoping to upgrade soon though because I know more light = more buds
I don’t have a thermometer in the tent but the temps here are mid 60s at night and warmer during the day
running 6 inch fan and Carbon Filter with a regulator on the fan so it doesn’t have to run full speed all the time
no a/c,humidifier, or anything
no C02

As you can see this girl got very bushy on me very quick when I put her in the flower stage. If you have any other questions about my grow or situation I’m happy to talk about them. I try take more pics if needed as well. Thanks in advance for any help.

I assume she was topped and trained. Looks like a nice level canopy. How dense is the underside? Could probably remove most of the fan leaves and buried buds on the lower third to improve air flow

Just so people know I may not always be able to reply this quick as my back is really messed up and I don’t get on my computer a lot but I wanted to make sure to check in. Shes pretty dense all through I honestly wasn’t sure how to trim this one for the first time in my growing. And yea she was pinched multiple times and then I had trained it in veg to get it as stretched as possible its the first time its worked this well so I want to keep it going.

So I decided to take the plunge and give her a good trim. I’m just hoping that I didn’t take to much off and she doesn’t stall for to long. Here is how she looks now…