3rd Week Flower - 2’ x 2’ Tent Grow - Late Veg Pruning & LST

Hi guys!!

Had started a clone under a single 60W LED bulb and moved it to a 2 x 2 grow tent with a 600W LED (because I heard it might actually be closer to 300W)

It was real bushy and I trimmed/pruned after 2nd week of flowering as well as LST since a week before flowering and just tied down again yesterday (2.5 weeks in, pistils apparent but no trichomes).

I love my set up and I’m having a lot of fun but I was wondering if some more experienced growers would be able to walk me through a few steps to get better results.

Keep in mind it was brought from outside to in, the mid-stem snapped during first training but seems to be doing fine after I band-aided it up. Powdery mildew seemed to be an issue after 2 weeks into flower so i tried the Peroxide/Water spray which seemed to work but I just cut the most problematic leaves off. Seems to be mildew free now.

I’ll post photos in chronological order with the last ones being the latest ones.

Any pointers or tips are welcomed as well as commentary on what I should expect.

Thanks family!



Welcome to the community!


Welcome, I’d say try to even out the light distribution ,looks like the bottom need more light, but that’s just me brother , what type of light are you using$

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Hey @Oldschool82!

Thanks for the welcome!

I realize that first post might’ve been a bit misleading, I tied down and trimmed after week 1 of flowering and the first photos are the latest.

Buds we’re doing well, but it got bushy through weeks 2 and 3 and developed more fan leaves that were blocking bud sites. They later got a bit of powdery mildew (PM).

I sprayed with a hydrogen peroxide mixture then a Apple cider vinegar one which helps but didn’t get rid of it all.

I got nervous about bud sites getting mouldy and weighed that as more crucial to avoid than removing more leaves, so I did that this morning. I’m not sure if I totally messed her up, if she’ll bounce back and get more leaves or if it’s sufficient and she’ll be good enough to produce nice buds.

I included a few photos of what she looked like this morning post trim

I’ve got a 2 x 2 x 4 tent and im using a 600W LED that only pulls under 300 and has a “veg” and a “bloom” switch but I’m keeping them both on on 12/12.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!



I’m sure she be fine but probably get the nug buds, just let to do her thing, and I wouldn’t remove anymore new leaves, they help soak of the light.

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Thank you!!!

Have you had a chance to take a look?



@Covertgrower @Oldschool82 Got some updates today boys!

I seem to have gotten rid of (most of) the Powdery Mildew.

I was also hanging my 600W LED real high to avoid bleaching but used the Galactica LUX meter app and saw that I could bring my light substantially lower so it’s about a foot or less above the plants and the center bud is receiving roughly 50K now. I’ve also reduced watering/nutrient frequency to keep humidity under 50%.

Looks like they’ve bounced back and survived the extreme pruning session!

Let me know what you guys think and enjoy the rest of your Monday.




Welcome! Looks like you’re getting there. Is that an auto or photo? I just started my first grow. I have autos.

Grow looks great. Might need more light next grow around if you get a chance to upgrade.

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Novice grower here as well @Druiddescent, not auto but a feminized clone.

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Thanks for the reply man! @Covertgrower

Greatly appreciate the advice and time taken to take a look at my setup.

I had a 1000W but swapped it for a 600W for fear of bleaching because I’m working with a 2’ x 2’ and only 4’ high. I didn’t realize there was a discrepancy in what it said the wattage was and the actual pull. I’m still kind of scared that it’s too close if this LUX meter app I’m using is inaccurate.

Also, keep in mind that I had the light way too far up until a week ago.

What would you recommend for my setup seen that it looks like I’m sticking with this tent for the foreseeable future?

A few of the leaves have got little yellow dots and imperfections but seem okay.

Anything you notice that I should keep an eye out for?

Thanks again man!!!


Hlg 132 will work in that space unless you intend to expand. Which lets be honest, we start somewhere, but we always want to expand. Lol.

Can you get a picture in normal light so that we can keep an eye on it? If nothing else, we can document it so it doesn’t get worse.
It’s likely calcium, or phosphorus at this stage, just guessing with out seeing.

Fair enough @Covertgrower! I just don’t have the space right now so this is definitely better than nothing.

You think the HLG 132 would perform significantly better than this “600W Likesuns Grow Light” I got on Amazon? (sorry if that’s a silly question)

Also, I tried snagging a few regular light photos, let me know if those work for you!



Definitely would be better.
Since those are out of stock, you could go with these, and it would be a lot of light. You’ll dim it, so it would be more efficient, but this will definitely work.

It just doesn’t look too easy or “plug n play” and I’m not big on my electrical working abilities!

What do you think the leaf issue is?

I just realized it was just the boards and sink. You can find one with it all assembled.

I’m not really seeing anything out of place with your leaves. Hint of nutrient burn.

Alright, that’s awesome. I’ll consider the better light for my next grow but I think I’ll probably just ride this one out.

Considering I think this is some sort of Pink Kush (I wish I knew more but it was a gift-clone), how far would you say I am from harvest (roughly 3 going on 4 weeks of flowering) and how much do you think I should expect these bud sites to grow?

@Covertgrower sorry still new to this, should’ve mentionned you in the last comment

I would say roughly another 4 weeks. That will be for Kush type genetics. That should give you between 8-9 weeks. Some may go longer, some shorter.