How to vent two tents?

I have two tents one for drying and vegging one for flower.
Both have a carbon filter and an exhaust.
i have both tubes connected with a Y piece before i blow out trough the isolation under the roof tiles.

I noticed when one of the two exhaust is off the other blows a certain amount of air into the tent.

Is it a problem for the carbon filter? I was just thinking now he gets airflow from the other side,could this be a problem

I was thinking about blowing one tent directly into the other but didn’t have enough tube. And wasn’t sure what way around was better veg into flower or flower into veg.??

should I solve the issue with a homemade, one way valve?

Any experiences or suggestions about my best course of action would be appreciated.

You definitely don’t want that. There are a number of things you can do that would help. The simplest would be to not turn either fan off, if your system works fine when both fans run. Another option would be to install backdraft dampers on each duct before they meet at Y. A third option would be to run from a single fan and install adjustable damper in each tent that you could control airflow or close altogether if need be. Or, you could also design each to run independently and remove the Y.


I would run a duct to from your dry tent to your other tent and exhaust both tents from a single tent. Then you only need to utilize a single filter.


Does the carbon filter suffers? Or why do i don’t want that?

why not blow the heath and moisture from flowering into the vegging tent without passing trough the carbon filter?

All but your last option are feasible for me

I will probably design something out of cardboard and some plastic to put in the Y junction that inhibits airflow in one dirction. Just need to find the right plastic. Bendy but not too bendy.

Problem is my dry tent is at times also my vegging tent, then I would blow the very humid air into the flower tent.

Wouldn’t that cause a problem?

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Will put the tent it’s inadvertently flowing through under positive pressure, blowing unfiltered air out.

Potential to cause a problem. If conditions lined up you could make it work. But your veg tent would be consuming co2 from your makeup air into flowering tent. You don’t want to do that either.

Exhausting air out of home causes problems any way you look at it. Multiple spaces even more so. I originally set my space up to Exhaust outside. Once I was using it, I couldn’t wait to bypass it and get setup to recirculate inside.

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recirculate inside… hmmm interesting… How???

does this requires alot of investments or how do you control the climate? my main concern ist humidity and fresh air…

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Every situation is a little different. For me, the only additional piece of equipment needed is a dehumidifier. I simply run dehumidifier in the room that tents are located during more humid months.

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what kind of dehumid do you use?
what about the air change like O2 out and CO2 in?

Pretty sure it’s a Frigidaire 70 pint. My co2 levels stay around 400 ppm. Not sure why you would be monitoring o2 levels. I don’t have anything around that will displace oxygen.

The main issue for me was putting my home under negative pressure. It got really expensive, that’s why I switched to just recirculating within my home.