How to transplant leggy plants?

My first time growing weed, but I’m an experienced tomato grower and when my toms are too leggy I sometimes bury the stem deep in the soil when transplanting. Is this the same thing for weed? And how do my plants look for being 4 wks old? I want to put them in bigger containers, but but sure if I should bury the stem. They are between 8 and 12 inches tall. I keep a low fan on them and lights for 12 hrs per day. Do they look ok?


Are these Autos?

Three are Amnesia Haze autoflowing and one is Bergmans Gold and one is grown from a stray seed unknown.

Is the Bergmans gold an Auto?

I don’t think so. On the site it says it’s (fem) but not autoflowering.

Well that plant will need more light, and yes you can bury some of the stem when transplanting if they are leggy.They will need repotting straight away.


If they are auto flowers I think you will be in trouble there’s no way they will have time to recover from the transplant before going into flower. They are probably right around the corner from flower

I’d go ahead and transplant, bury the stems a bit to give some support


I’m going to transplant them into bigger pots today and hope for the best. Thanks for the advice.

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