How to tell if plant is male or female

so its my first time growing and im having a hard time determining the sex of my plants. I planted them about 6 weeks ago and the pistils of some plants have white hairs. does this mean they are female? i cant tell and since im growing outdoors i want to remove the male plants as quickly as possible.

Females grow pistols (white hairs) males grow balls (seeds or pollen sacks developing into seeds)

Hermie plants express both of these traits but on hermie plants they are little yellow bananas

so in theory if my plant has the white hairs, then its probably a female right?

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Not in theory. If it has white hairs its a female that simple :slight_smile:


I’m theory a plant can be a hermi and not show till later in flower. Witch is the main reason I don’t mess with bag seeds any more. If your buying fem seeds from a good seed bank, then that risk is taken out . Reg. Seeds can be eather female,male,or hermi. When I say reg. I mean regular not reggie. But with Reggie it’s the same to and a bag seed at the same time. So yeah in theory unless it’s fem seeds from a really good breeder or bank.

m_and_f2hope those help


they do thank you


and how long does it usually taketo be able to determine the sex

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First 2 weeks of switching to 12/12. If you grow on 14/10 they will start to preflower when they are old enough to sexually reproduce (usually 2 months).

what the probability thats its hermi? is it very common or what

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Not to commun, to hermi, mostly hermi is do to stress