How to stagger growths? This is my first one

I have granddaddy purple auto and white widow auto, they both have a flowering time of 7-10 weeks.

I invested, for me it was pricey AF, on an Infinity grow tent so I want to make sure I keep it in constant use.

When should I start my next 3 plants? I don’t want to wait until I harvest these three and then restart the 10 week process. I want to have some strong little plants going before I harvest the current bunch.

Attached are pics just for fun


Consistent perpetual grows require some space. I maximized my space available when I was doing this… Every 1-2 months something should be getting flipped or entering flower and something should be getting chopped. This is better to be done with photos than autos. Sometimes schedules don’t work out and you need to veg longer.

N yeah, it’s not a cheap process to grow on that kind of scale…

Personally when I did perpetual I had young plants getting sexed, clones, mothers, and early veg separate from the final tents, where they’d get potted up, veg’d for 4-8 weeks then flipped. Every time something got chopped I’d pot up the same day to use that space, and flip or be entering flower up to 2 months later when I’m harvesting another plant.

Some plants need more time than others in both stages, and it can mess up the schedule. But if you have photos you can be flexible with stages.

Autos are too unpredictable to have a consistent perpetual grow. And it takes time to get things in motion. It’s a long start but eventually you are harvesting so often you might want to cut back. Lol.


@Pillar Do you have a space to dry, or will you be using the tent for that too?

@Low Dig the Mars tents. I chose the same for my 2x4 for the height, seemed like the only one really tall enough without going whole hog on a Gorilla.


I only needed the height of a gorilla tent once, and that was for Blue Dream. It was a crazy plant. I’m happy with mars, but really love everything about the gorilla.


Forgot to mention the drying space, that’s another big deal with perpetual growing… I use a cold storage room I just so happen to have in my house. Idk what I’d do without it on a perpetual scale.

Also at that point you will be harvesting and trimming often enough where you might want to consider a trim machine. After I started going perpetual I was harvesting 1-3lbs every couple of months, and that takes a LOT of time to do by hand. I used to be the “I will only trim by hand” type until I started harvesting quantity often.


Side note; curious to see how the GDP turns out. I just finished one a bit ago, and I let it get too thick and had to do a staggered harvest. Not the most ideal, it was just such a bush. 8oz +2oz of decarbed sugar leaves from wet trim. Sure were pretty looking purple buds though.


@Low Nice grow set up :+1: