How to sex reg seeds fastest

Ok this is for all you photo growers out there.

What’s the best way to go about growing photos that are regular seeds, indoors time and energy is valuable but I don’t want males messing things up.
Aside from the seed selection theory how can you sex a reg seeds asap?
Or is it a matter of growing them for 4 weeks then switching them to flower.

Like how does one clone if you don’t know a plants female yet? Or do you have to switch them back into veg after you find out there a female in order to be your mother plant?


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I first couple runs of regular seeds I’d wait until about 4 weeks old then drop to 12/12. Once I saw sex I’d remove males and take light back up to 18-6


You could always cut a clone and put it under 12/12 lighting


I like the missiles technique, less stress to the parent plant.

A lot of strains pre sex at 4-6 weeks. Be sure to check before you cut clones.


Sorry @Nicky I haven’t grown my regular seeds you. But you have been covered.

This is how I do it. Missiles way of cloning works too.
Looking at the seeds never worked for me.


@Missiles at what age do I cut the clone?

I have this bag of really old rare seeds and I don’t like the idea of planting 20 and not knowing wtf is male or female.

Growing 20 seedlings to 6 weeks only to throw most of them out and hope I don’t miss them before they end up Polinating my 2 autos in the tent beside them stresses me


@Missiles mentioned the method I use. The other thing I like about it is you get a sense of the phenotypes too. This is especially useful when you’re cracking lots of seeds while hunting for keepers.

Once the plant hits the 8th internode, I cut off the top 3 internodes and clone that. It’s more about structure instead of age for me personally.

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I’m still lost, and yes @KeystoneCops that’s exactly what I’m looking for is a keeper.
I have about 100 seeds and I’m looking to:
Find a good female that I can grow to flower and cut a clone to keep it as a mother while I flower the main plant and if I like what I see I will create some fem seeds.

How long does that generally take to hit the time you can cut a clone, Wich I Geuss is when you can shortly after flip the plant or the clone into flower

I guess it depends if it’s all the same strain. You could plant 3 seeds and you’re likely to get a female out of the 3. This would be a good minimum.


Planted 2 last time and no dice…
Grew them for like near 2 months before I could find out they both were not females soooo frustrating


Should’ve planted a 3rd. lol


You’ve got this. We can break it down so it’s not confusing.

Are you comfortable with cloning?

The plants are still in 1 gallon pots at the point they’re ready to clone, so you can pack a lot into the veg area. 100 plants might be too much, but try for 25-50 at a time and with low germination rates it’s probably gonna be manageable.

Time is so cultivar dependent. With hybrid vigor and optimal conditions it could be 3 weeks. With less vigor, maybe it’s 4-6 weeks.


I’m not ready yet, as I’m going away for 21 days and then 7 days off for the next 3 or 4 months but it’s something that been bugging me and I want to do it when I’m home this spring.
I’ve never cloned, when I’m. Away the wifey does most of the work so I have to have it all figured out before hand to help guide her as well.

Oh yeah I don’t want to plant all 100, I just want to plant enough to get a female or two. The idea is to grow this strain and see how it is, if it’s worth producing seeds/clones.
If it is I will pop alot of seeds and take the best candidate to make fem seeds.

There 1978 Columbian seeds from when my dad was an young hippy, now he’s an old hippy lol


@Covertgrower that seems like voodoo to me. Also I blanked when typing, should have said pre-flower!

Most strains I’ve grown preflower, especially Indicas and hybrids.


The only additional things you need are:

Sterile razors
Clonex Gel or something similar (advisable, not required)
A high-dome

I would use this system, since you don’t want to waste time. Rooting hormones improve your odds of success.

You just make a clean cut, immediately dip into cloning gel, and stick it in a rapid-rooter or your preferred medium. Give them low-intensity light. Keep them humid. You can go 12/12 immediately if you want, or give them 18/6 until you’re satisfied with the vegetative growth.


@Nicky if I was in your situation, I’d take 20 of those seeds and do an open pollination seed crop. 1/2 to 1 gallon pots. 12/12 from sprout. That’s me personally. But if I had to devote a small tent and power a mediocre light in exchange for a huge batch of newly invigorated seeds, I’d consider that a net-gain. You have to ask yourself if it’s worth the expense as well as the opportunity cost (what could you be growing instead with that time and money).


Your best bet is to sex cuttings after they’re 4 weeks or so old. They won’t be mature enough to flower earlier than that.

If you’re worried about plant count just start ditching the weakest genetics early. You may miss out on an otherwise good plant that way, but being a good growing plant should be just as important as producing good smoke when selecting a mother.


So true! I killed 6 mutants and glad I did. Who has time to babysit fussy seedlings.


great idea @KeystoneCops