How to prevent bud rot on outdoor plant?

I am growing outdoor photo plants bubble gum, ak47, and white widow all from ILGM. I grew 3 outdoor autos already and harvested. Two of three plants started getting but rot on colas…which i removed and harvested but early due to fear of spread. I bud washed with hydrogen peroxide in one bucket, lemon/baking soda in second bucket, and straight water in 3rd bucket. I am concerned I will get but rot on my big photo plants. I am thinking of purchasing Trifecta Crop Control for prevention as I want to lower risk of bud rot…thoughts? Is it healthy to apply? I want to max out bud growth but have fear of rot.


Put a fan on her.


A solution of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide is a common foliar spray. You will have to check what the mix rate is. A commercially made hypochlorous acid product is Agrowlyte.

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You can also do a serious defoliation which will help.

Are you managing pests as well? Caterpillars are a big vector for bud rot in flower.

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No pest…but I actually cut a bud off today as looked like but rot starting in again. I also saw another weird bud Next to the one i cut and cut this bud due to whatever the black is on top. Anyone know what this is?

When you say serious defoliation…I have been doing sporadic and figure 3 weeks to harvest…I do not want to stress her…so what are you thinking by serious defoliation?