Bud rot in SoCal

Two years in a row I have gotten some bud rot on my outdoor plants in socal. Tried different strains (sative and indica) and still had the same problem. It is forcing me to harvest early to save the buds. Any ideas on how to prevent this scourge???


I’m in SoCal and got some this early spring(outdoors). I’m going to try defoliating this summer crop.

I’ve got s bunch of different strains going,

I’m finding that caterpillars cause a good amount of rot, although my early spring harvest was all because the weird rain we had.

Good luck


Some do a spray with h2o2 or potassium bicarbonate a few times during early flower to eliminate any potential existing spores.

I’ve tried potassium bicarbonate during an outbreak, and although it’s anecdotally linked to stopping bud rot, it didn’t stop it for me.


Airflow and consistent treatment. 3% peroxide 50/50 with distilled water and run some fans. Defoliate. Treat for caterpillars because they promote bud rot.


Do you spray the buds with the 50/50 spray… It wont hurt them?

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You can use straight peroxide 3% all the way to harvest if you want. It converts to Oxygen and water. Water not so good as bud rot likes moist but it leaves a sterile surface. If you have white butterflies with a black spot on the wings they are the avatar of satan lol. Those will lay an egg which turns into a worm that burrows into the flower, killing it.

There is another product called Azamax that is supposed to be good for bud rot but is pricey and the main ingredient is peroxide IIRC.


Avatar of Satan, lol. Hopefully they’ll stay in the USA. Scotland doesn’t want them!

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