How to keep temperature down in jars when curing

From a fellow grower: Im currently about a week or more into curing the buds in masons jars and burping them once a day (I leave the lids off for 30 mins a day then keep them in a dark place) and moving the bud around shaking it so nothing stays stagnant or stuck to the glass. I also bought and am using the boveda 62 percent humidity packs and a mini hygrometer in each jar. I have 5 jars. The humidity is fine but the temps are around 71 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Am I ok as long as it doesn’t go any higher and if not how can I get the temperature down in jars?


I really don’t see an issue with it as long as u stay on the burping process. I’d lose the boveda packs until the weed is fully dried and ready for cure. The packs will dry out the weed faster than u want it to dry if at all possible see if u can get the jars into a cooler area so they stay cooler like 65ish or lower. A basement if u have or a closet in a corner farthest away from any heater vents ect coldest spot u can find in the house lol.

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I dont see a issue with it aswell as long as ur burping ur jars thats fine instead of burping once a day burp twice a day once in the morning and once in the afternoon

They should be fine at 70f to 80f.

I always try to keep curing jars in a cabinet (darkness) in an air-conditioned house, where the temps average about 75f, never have had any problems. Only “problem” is impatience . . . cannot wait to cure.



Anything over 73 to 74 is succeptable to growing mold or mildew and or getting bud rot. Mold starts to grow at about 74°f b careful how warm u let it get especially if the buds r still a bit moist