How to keep marijuana small

A question from a fellow grower:

How does one keep the size of the plant small like four feet tall or a little over a meter high and still mature nicely.

Training and or pruning, or start the plant flowering at about 2 feet tall. It also depends on the strain, indica dominant plants stay squatter and more bushy than sativas. Maybe try autoflower hybrids, they tends to stay smaller and flower sooner than regular photo period strains Check out the seed shop for various seed strains, be sure to check the “details” tab to see specifics about the size the plants will grow into. Also you can check the box on the left side of the screen in the seed shop to select for “compact” plants.

A method used by UK growers is too grow in no bigger than 6 liter pot from start to finish. Once root bound the plant will continue to flourish, as long as you provide nutrients, but will not get bigger. Flowers will bud nicely. You can grow several plants in a small space using this method. This is a soil method BTW. :smiley:

Oops, I meant to include info about growing in a smaller container for a root bound plant as well, glad you included that Latewood.