Small Marijuana Buds At End Of Flowering

I’ve been flowering a hash plant that’s 25 inches tall for the last two months in a closet with dimensions of 2 x 6 x 8. There are dark green buds on every branch, but I’m employing a method in which the fan leaves are trimmed in vegetative state, which creates branches where the fan leaves used to be. The issue here is that I’ve got 24 total buds on the plant (the largest of which is only a gram of marijuana when dried). With 200 watts of fluorescents and a space blanket, I’ve got plenty of light. All the buds have white crystals, but they are not growing larger at all. I’ve got a Styrofoam and potting soil mix that I water with a soluble medium-nitrogen, high-phosphorus concentration fertilizer. I also employ the use of Miracle Gro plant spikes. Is there anything I can do to make the buds grow larger?

Because the hash plant is almost ripe, you can’t really do a lot to increase the bud size. As the buds ripen, the glands are starting to full with THC.

For future plants, you can try a few different things to get bigger buds. For starters, you can prune the marijuana plant so that more energy is put into a few branches (or leads) and not into a lot of the smaller branches. A small container might also restrict root growth (which will, in turn, restrict bud growth).

You’ve described your plant as a bush that has been pruned to encourage branching. The branches all have flowers at their tips. When indoors with optimal amounts of light, the marijuana plants cannot sustain the growth of that many large flowers. The plants need to be cut down a bit so that each bud takes up a 6’ x 6’ space in the canopy. It might be more convenient to give the plant a trim to between 3 to 6 branches when you start to force flowering. You might need to prune again after a few weeks have passed.

Once the pruning is completed, the water and nutrients will all gravitate from the roots to the remaining areas of the plant which will then increase growth. The marijuana plant will focus its energy on reproductive growth (i.e. flowers). The buds will be larger and of higher quality than what you’re getting now.

You didn’t note how big the container was, but rootbound containers can limit the growth of the roots and the plants themselves. Place rootbound plants into larger containers within the first few weeks of flowering.