How to harvest marijuana?

What is the best way to harvest my marijuana plants? Are indoor marijuana plants harvested the same way as outdoor marijuana plants?

Harvesting your marijuana plants is always the greatest time in the growing process. You’ve watched the plants grow from small seedlings into substantial plants that will be able to give you a much anticipated high. But, for beginners, harvesting the plants can be a bit of a tricky issue. This is particularly true if you’ve had absolutely no experience with harvesting the plant at all. As with anything in the marijuana growing process, it’s important to use caution as you finally get to reap your reward.

Of course, indoor marijuana growers kind of have it easy. If they’ve done everything correctly, they won’t really have to worry about being seen or trying to store the marijuana because everything will be in an enclosed space already. Indoor growers really only have to pull the plants and hang them upside down in the same room. There’s really no technical reason to hang them upside down; it just makes them easier to work with in the long run. You could even technically keep the whole cycle of life going by starting your next crop while still drying your recent harvest.

If you’re an outdoor marijuana grower, on the other hand, you’ll need to have a bit more interaction. Of course, the same basic principle of uprooting the plant still applies. But, you’ll still have to make sure you remove the dirt from the root balls while also lashing the female plants by the twos or threes. Then, of course, you have the sometimes odious task of transporting your crop from the grow site. If you just have a backyard garden, then this won’t be that difficult. But, if you’ve been growing somewhere offsite, you’ll want to make sure that you harvest and carry your plants discreetly. This sometimes might involve growers harvesting at night so they don’t have to deal with any potential onlookers. After you’ve safely got them home, you follow basically the same rule as with the indoor plants.

Of course, both outdoor and indoor plants have to dried and cured if they are going to be used for any length of time. Before you do this, however, it’s important to strip the plant of its seeds. This is, of course, assuming that you have fertilized female plants that have seeds. Pot that contains seeds has kind of a caustic flavor to it that is certainly less than pleasant. Seeds are also known to pop from time to time while being smoked. That’s why it’s important to get rid of them beforehand. Although this can be boring, time-consuming work, it can be fun if you make the best of it. Be prepared for sticky hands as all the THC resin will likely make its way onto your skin.

There are other aspects to harvesting marijuana, but the abovementioned facts are enough to get you started. If you’re worried about harvesting your plants, just remember that it mostly requires you to uproot them and then hang them up. But always try to be careful with your crop so as not to damage the most important parts.