How to harvest 3+ oz cola!

Hey, i got some giantess colas this grow. Ive never dried and cured buds this dense and thick. What should i do to ensure they dry even?

This plant gave me 10oz here and already taken off 3.5! A 13.5oz wet! My other ones are just as big. I was gonna order a cannitrol so i dont mess it up…whatcha think?


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Get a warddrobe box amd makenyour self a temp drying box.

Days 1 - 5 temps around 70°F humidity 60%
Days 5 till dry temps 60 to 65 humidity 50 to 55%

Remember slower is better… dont rush the process


Shoot, i got a clothes drying rack and just hang in the room that my grow closet is in. I keep it about 65 in the room 50-60rh. Fan moving the air but not blowing directly on the buds. Pretty much dry as normal, just ensure good air flow.


Btw I forgot to say but those are some huge colas congrats @Lunabudz929


What ever you end up doing make sure the airflow is decent.


Mold occurred on day 3, room RH too high and not enough air movement.
Popcorned the cola into smaller buds, no more mold.


If you have the money for a Cannatrol by all means it will be the best investment for drying and curing you’ll ever make


Same, soon as I take pics, bit of showing off, they come apart


I just learned about Cannatrol at the Detroit CannaCon. Nice folks. Their background is in curing cheese…they specialize in large installations but have this for the home grower. I think he said it only holds two pounds. Interesting…but I do not think it is for me. If you get one…let us know how it works.


I also break mine apart after pictures…better for an even cure…and less likely to get mold in the process

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On my first dry and cure in my Cannatrol. Absolutely amazing product. I have 24 hours left in the cure and will give a smoke test update soon. Well worth the money IMO.


That is great to hear. I hope you produced some great smoke.

What was the wet weight you put in? How long was your dry/cure?

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Thanks! I have them hanging in a 4x4 with a fan on the bottom on low low. Its about 68 and 65% rh. I just was womdering if there was a better way to dry bc my buds have never been this big. Lol.

Thanks! They are drying nice!

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I broke them open a little to help airflow…


I harvested another plant and this one oz cola has rot…but the outside looked unalarming! Wth???


Did your plant start to foxtail? I sure see a lot of white pistols

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Yes! I posted about it, you replied! Lol. I dropped my lights and they threw nanners and foxed. I decided to flush about a week qgo, raised the lights and put to 70%. They prob needed another week, milky trichs not much amber, but id rather chop, too much fox and nanners. Already have some seeds. Found bud rot deep inside the colas over an oz…i pulled that and am keeping an eye on it. They were outside photos i brought in bc of rot killing off most of my autos. Well, they had aphids and mites and that was able to be contolled…but when i wanted them to dinish off i brought lights down to, in my thoughts, get em quicker…and that just pissed em off. I did realize they were too close by this tho…bc they werent burning. My vli was prob 1500…i kinda knew better. I was expecting to see burn. But theyve slowed drinking and i have a new batch to put into flower…so i pulled. But, girrrrrllll…ive been growing a while. Im amateur but o COULD go pro, i just want a partner who i vibe w to do it w me!

I pulled this one too. So far 3.2lbs wet.


Nice Grow there!

That’s a big problem with outdoors and a huge Gamble. I decided early on I was going to invest the money into everything to perfect and indoor grow no cutting corners nothing but the best.

Both neighbors on each side of me lost their entire crops last month due to Bud rot. I just finished up my 4x4 tent grow with no issues whatsoever. I think I made the right decision investing in indoors. Good luck to you my friend