Scared of mold! What is the safest drying method for water bottle sized Colas?

Hey everyone, I have a question about drying. I’ve spent some time searching here but I don’t have a lot of time right now and need some advise.

I just chopped an AK47 and a Sour Diesel this morning and am a bit intimidated by the size of these colas on my first attempt at autos. I’ve been hanging my photo plants whole due to the buds dry out too fast when I separate the branches.

But to this date, I only thought I had fat colas. The largest cola I have on this AK47 is about the size of a water bottle and I’m concerned about mold and/or but rot (although I think but rot happens during the grow and not while drying, no?).

I watched a video on youtube a while back where the grower who had the same concerns sometimes will break the larger colas down into buds and spread on a screen to dry.

I’ve had pretty good luck drying on the last grow and one 10 week old
super skunk from this grow that’s curing now, which had some meaty colas too imho, lol. My drying temp runs around 60 - 65 F, rh stays between 50 and 60, and I hang the plants whole with light air moving. The buds have been ready to jar after 5 to 6 days. So far, that’s the best environment I have been able to muster.

Have any of you had any problems with mold while drying the huge colas I’ve see y’all growing here? Should I break the larger ones down into buds and dry em in the net? What method do y’all recommend?


Sour Diesel


Nice plant I would cut each branch off and hang them upside down with a fan blowing just below the buds try to leave 4-6 inches between each branch i would also pay close attention to the humidty and temp levels when you dry it i would shoot for 70 degrees and 45-55 percent humidity with constant gentle air flow also try to keep them in relative darkness


Thanks. And thanks for the quick reply @Smokesdaily I do have them in the dark but I’m a bit nervous to cut the branches, did that on my first two grows and they dried too quickly. But then, there’s a bit more bulk to these than my previous so it might be ok this time around. But I’d rather have them dry too fast then to have mold set in. Thanks again!!

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I would just use a small oscillator fan set to blow abour 6" beneath where the bud is hanging you dontbwant it to low directly on it just use it to create a gentle air current it will prevent the air from stagnating and help cintrol moisture

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There are so many ways that people dry their bud.
This is what i do.

Break everything down to a nice nugget size.
Wet trim.

I get a really even dry that gets weighed and place into jars to cure.

I find it easier to process the smaller nugs.

My method took a few tries to get right for what i like doing.

Just experiment and learn what you like.

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Thinking along the same lines - got it about 6 inches below and blowing against the wall. Plants are gently swinging and I’m watching 'em close. So far so good.

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I’m constantly evolving, developing my growing methods. Let me ask you, what are your temp & rh numbers? Do you use any moving air? How long does your dry take using this method?

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My RH is 60% at around 75°.
Yes, moving air is a must. It doesn’t blow directly on the dry rack, but right next to it.
It’s usually dry in about 5/6 days.

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I break my down and use wedryer Xl


Ok, awesome. I’ve got another coming down in another week or so, think I’ll give it a try.

ooooo, sounds expensive… :sweat_smile: :rofl: my “toys” account probably hasn’t built back up to that level yet. :crossed_fingers:

A nice trick i use is bringem down a little wet. 68%or so. Jar them for a night with a humidity meter. Once you have a solid number…12-24 hours I stick in a paper grocery bag for a day or so. Back in jar. If 62 or so I am gucci. If high back in bag. Just what works for me. I have pulled at 70% and had good results like this also. I use a wedryer but i pull early from it as it can dry them right out.

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Awesome, I’ll try to remember that one. For some reason, paper bags don’t pop into my head and I’ve read about using them many times, something I have on hand too.

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Additional reading available using search for “Sweating” (paper bagged weed drying step).