How to get rid of orange worms?

Question from a fellow grower:

Hey put my plants outside. I have orange worms in the stocks. I have tried several insecticides. I was writing this email to ask you what insecticide I should be using to kill them?

I think it depends on what type of worms you have , I had success with BT which is a naturally occurring bacteria sometimes it is called thuricide
It kills a variety of caterpillars and worms. It does not kill on contact you have to wait for the worms
To eat the the plant matter that is sprayed with it since the bacteria basically eats thru the intestines of the suckers and hopefully they die a painful death, I had a bad infestation of of caterpillars and it did the trick,

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sybol dust works but don’t know if still available. Kills all fly worm and beetles

Well, you can make use of some pesticides or insecticides to get rid of such worms. I suddenly got to remember about the incident happened in my backyard. Whole plants got damaged due to infection of Aphids, and thus after the suggestion of one of the neighbours my mom contacted the positivepest They identified the issue and exterminated the pests as well.

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Aphids or white flies try something that has imidacloprid as an active - Bayer (who invented active) has a great product called temprid fx (was Sc before they changed label). They also have a ready to use product at any big box store you can find to tie into a garden hose. Works every time.

Worms you can use a granular product for long lasting relief. Work a lb or two into the areas around your plants and you should get relief. I’d go between 3-6 feet out in all directions (application rate will be on bag). Bifen LP is a very good cheap product, deltamethrin granule would be fine as well but I try to only use Bayer when I have to, like with aphids and white flies.

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