How to get my temperature down

Having trouble with my temp going over 90 degrees my tent is in windowless room how can I keep my temperature below 80 degrees any advice is appreciated


What is the temperature in the room that the tent is in?

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possibly move the drivers outside the tent.

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How about a mini ac into?

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i like that.

@Hotboy1212 what kind of room is the tent in? you can run the exhaust hose through the ceiling.

Before I turn my lights on around 78 to 80 degrees

I didn’t know if that would cause mold if I run my exhaust in the attic

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Outside utility room

It does has a ac vent running to it

Do there work?

I don’t know personally. I’ve just read posts about this from other growers struggling with their lung room temps in similar situations as yours.


Can you lower your light temp by running them at a lower power and moving them closer to your plants?
One of these loaded with ice drops my 2x4x8 room 10 degrees in about 20 mins. Just gotta keep emptying water and refilling ice but it works. It’ll also add humidity too so if that’s a prob maybe a different direction.

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90° is definitely too hot. Those telling you to run the exhaust out of the room are on the right track. In addition to that you could get an intake fan, attach a duct to it and pull in air from another (cooler) room into your tent. Anything you can think of that’ll move the hot air out and get cooler air in will work for you. Welcome to the forum btw.

Without a sealed and conditioned room you’re going to have to expect your tent with lights on to run at least a little warmer than ambient/intake air. If ambient temp is 80f even exhausting to your attic or a different room is just going to bring more 80f air in and heat it up again. While i agree it will probably be better than just recycling warm depleted air, you may need to do a little more to get in a desirable range.

When my house is 72f i can turn my fan down and maintain canopy temps around 80f. It’s usually cooler than this and i have to deal with opposite.

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