How to fix muddy soil

I have some garden soil sitting around. Generic garden type stuff. I cut it with some perlite and some coco coir i had laying around but its still too muddy for my liking. Would you suggest more coco, more perlite or more both? I usually just mix random stiff to throw in the fabric pots and was just looking for second opinions. Thx

I’d go with plain coco if you have it since it’s just to help suck up extra moisture.

I would add some course sand…not rounded sand from the beach.

If it were me would probably go with peat over coco. If you’re going to use coco would just grow in straight coco or coco/perlite mix and get down with it.


Im not a big fan of using peat. Don’t get me wrong it’s highly useful But the whole not really renewable, took hundreds of years of dead plants piling up to make the bog and you can’t replicate passing of years kind of bothers me. But i could be wrong about that. If i am please elucidate and educate me.
And straight coco scares me tbh. Maybe I’ll play with a few clones in it to see what is about

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I have no educational material to change your mind lol. What it would do is solve your problem though. I guess if you were running major op with hundreds of 30 gallon pots I would probably share your sentiment. For what you’re doing i’m feeling like you run to hime improvement store and grab a bale and maybe use a couple small scoops per pot? I would be plenty good with that and just composting and reusing. I also work in renewable energy field, so i feel like my good deeds are in line with accepting small scale cheap and easy from time to time haha.

Coco can be easy money if you’re prepared to treat it properly. It’s more or less have your ph proper then feed, feed, feed, and feed it again. The worst thing about coco is that you’ll know very quickly if you mess up. But you can also correct quickly when you do. In comparison an organic soil grow may be out of whack for weeks before you notice, but will also takes weeks to correct properly if it happens.

There is no right or wrong way to grow weed. But, there can certainly be some ways that don’t work for you. Try them all if you can, you may be surprised.

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I can see your point of view about a little bit not hurting but then again everyone’s little bit eventually adds up to the big bit. But with that said i think i do have some peat kicking around.

Im interested in a coco grow, but as i said slightly scared. I hear things like you have to water/feed it every day. I mean i do that for my dog but i don’t have time in my life to do that for a plant. For me gardening is a past time. I don’t want it to be a full time job. Already have one of those.
Maybe I’ll clone something and play with it in coco so if it dies id care a little less that losing a seed plant.

Do a Google search for sustainable Canadian peat moss.

This from the Sun Gro site.

Sun Gro, the Leader in Sustainable Peat Moss – Black Gold

In addition, new peat develops 60 times faster than what is harvested. In Canada alone, more than 70 million tons of peat accumulate each year. The Canadian peat industry harvests only 1.3 million tons a year. Managed wisely, peat is the ultimate renewable resource!

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I worked at a “Tourbiere” a huge bog clearing in the woods. The layer does gets thicker and it’s picked on a schedule. Shipping is minimal. And I can get it free.

Mud only occurs when overwet so I would dry it…add 30% perlite for drainage. Ammend. Use. Dirt is dirt typically. Garden dirt same as dirt under your grass. Just me. I could be oversimplyfieng it

Subject to interpretation, really. I water my coco once a day when I’m ambitious, but more often than not they go 36-48 hours between waterings. They don’t seem to care much.

They often look like this when I get around to the ones in small containers:

she’s perked right back up to normal again today.