How to fit multiple lights on 1 circuit?

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So I am currently setting up an 8x4x7 tent and have 2 x Aglex 2000W LED COB’s in there. I have been told that I need 3 of these lights for proper wattage and coverage.

My question is: how the heck do you accomodate amps and wattage to allow for a variety of things to be plugged into the same circuit? The room has a 15A breaker and from what I can fathom, 3 of these lights will already account for roughly 1300 watts or 12.35 Amps roughly. This doesn’t give me any room to plug in my active intake and exhaust, fans and humidifier without blowing the fuse???

Any ideas?


Those lights are only 408 watts, for a total of 1224 watts/10.2 amps. Fans draw very little power. The draw from your humidifier will depend on its size. Look for a label on it that will tell you.
You may be fine. Worst case, you run an extension cord into the tent from a different circuit.
Another option would be to put the humidifier outside the tent. It’s generally better to condition the air outside the tent anyway.

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First question.
Any experience with simple electrical work?

Second question
Do you have access to breaker box, and if yes are you able to change the breaker?

Third question
can you tell me what size wire is running from 15A breaker to plug?