Question on max electrical useage

In grow room if I'm running 2 600 watt HID lights and I add an air conditioner, what kind of MAXIMUM draw am I going to be looking at?

(I can routinely run 1650 watt space heaters without any issues)

Will the air conditioners PLUS lights cause issues?

My concern is tripping the circuit breaker when I'm out.

I'm trying to set up the room to run in the summer, now that I've got the winter dialed-in

Need more info brother, is the circuit on a 15 or 20 amp breaker? What size a/c unit and what is the amperage draw for it? Typically homes are designed for 1200 watts per circuit but you can run 1800 without a problem. If you have another circuit available I would run the lights on one and the a/c on another just to avoid the possibility of it tripping.

Also are these led or mh lights?

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15 amp, hid’s

I have a bunch of ac’s from 5000 up, I’m thinking about a 10k btu set
at 78*

I’m probably going to run one light at 400w, I don’t really do 600w in veg unless I’m trying to hurry them up, & will run the other at 600w on 12/12, off in the daylight / hot period

the room’s always closed and very well insulated, I do have the ability to run a line from another room but I don’t really want to do that if I don’t have to

Edit: I’m assuming all three outlets in that room r on the same circuit, it’s difficult for me to test I have to do a lot of stairs and I’m disabled. I think if I read the amperage on the AC like you suggested might have a better idea… Thanks