Grow room electricity

I am curious how to set up my basement space for 2 grow tents with 2 1000W lights each. The grow tents are both 5x10 so I think that a 1000W light should suffice for a 5x5 space. My issue is with the electricity. I have 15 amp circuit breakers and only 2 circuits down there. How should I go about adding additional electrical capacity? Can I just change the 15A circuit breakers out to 20A ones? Or do I need to rewire the circuit if I up the amperage by 5 amps?

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I have my entire tent is on one 15amp plug. 2 LEDS (418 true watts each), 4 LED tubes, 2 fans, a camera and a humidifier. And I can still run power tools off the other outlet.

For me, I was surprised how little the stuff draws. Granted your lights are 2x mine.

Unless you know electricity I would stay out of the panel. You’d be better of plugging everything in and seeing if the breaker pops than opening up the panel, IMO. Safety first.

There is probably someone here who can actually calculate power draw if you know the specs on your stuff.

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I wouldn’t advise switching breakers wire was size for 15 amps and putting a larger breaker on the line will create a fire hazard!
If you can run a new electrical line back to your panel designated for your lights
You’ll want to size your wire according to breaker size
I was taught to over size the wire also so if you can run a 14 gauge wire I was taught to step up one size to 12 gauge for safety example only
20 amp circuit I would run min 10 gauge myself
Hope this helps
Maybe @xxpain4uxx can help you out better he’s an electrician
Also two 1000 watt light together will draw17.39 amps when
Calculated using ohms law wattage divided by your input voltage
I assumed is 115 v
So 2000w devided by 115 v = 17.39


@hrlevi1 unless you are planning on having tens of thousands of lots of LED your 15 amp breaker should be perfectly fine running your lights and your friends you can put in a 20 amp breaker but I would recommend using a 12 -2 wire or a 12 -3 wire if you want to make them 20 amp breaker’s if you have dedicated circuits in your basement that are 15 amp breaker’s you should be fine

It would help knowing what type of lights your using @Hogmaster
Makes a good point if your running led 1000 watts your power draw will be much less :+1:

My meizhi leds 3-300 W LED lights drawl 159 true in my 600 W drawls 299 true watch that I have a 200 W Cobb two filters and four fans all on one circuit

@Hogmaster Do you know he’s running led light ?
Just wondering bro

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Yes I know that but off all he has is 2000 W LEDs they might have a total wattage of 290 to 300 true watts each ( depending on light ) just trying to save them money I’m a journeyman electrician if it pops the breaker than he needs Add a 20 amp breaker in his basement but with what he has as long as it is not powering a room with TVs and lights and plugs he should be perfectly fine with his 15 amp breaker in the basement and he can always have his own separate circuit just for his grow set up

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Sir I wasn’t questioning your advise I was going to edit my post brother because yes his power draw will most likely be fine if he is running leds
If I offended you I wasn’t trying to bro and apologize
I’m a jourmyman commercial Hvac/R guy local 638 steam fitter out of NYC and understand electrical theory also
Not trying to upset or question your ability brother

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No need to apologize we are all trying to help him out it’s all good takes a lot to offend me



I’d start by changing things out for something that suits your needs.
I’ve run 2 X 1000watt iPower lights off 1 x 20A outlet, but its highly recommended 1 1000watt light per outlet. From what I understand you only have 2 spots for new breakers.

AGAIN, I highly recommend hiring a trusted electrician, but with that said, I’ve always done my own electric work. Safty 1st! :wink:

If your’e not in the USA, I’m not 100% on how, but here in the USA, follow these instructions.

First off, make sure all your parts work with eachother. (I.E. 20A outlet+20A Breaker+ 12/2 romex wire)

  1. Turn your “Main” power off.

  2. Run new “12/2” romex wire

  3. Wire your “new” 20A Outlet.

  4. Replace your 2 x 15A breaker with 20A breakers.

Mentionable information:

Hope this helps, cheers :wink:


if it blows out just swap it for a 20 amp


Thanks @Aquaponic_Dumme great info

@garrigan62 not to contradict you but that’s really not good advice to just swap breakers you are potentially creating a fire hazard with over heating of wires
Sorry :neutral_face: But the risk of upsetting you was out weighed by safety


I don’t push my luck like that a friend of mine another local grower had his entire grow go up in flames few months ago play safe divide watts by volts to get amps anything more than 80% load is pushing things since resistance changes with temps a 1000w hid draws 8-9 amps which allows for exhaust or pump to be run alongside it but little else if you are playing safe


swapping out breakers doesn’t change the wires in your walls which are rated for 15 amps in ideal conditions with a safety margin factored in Ballasts draw close to 10 amps at start up I would never recommend swapping breaker without swapping wires too but adding new circuit can be an option

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I agree, but my point was even with all my stuff, I still have some room. I don’t believe I’m pushing it I guess. If I can fire up a table saw on the same circuit without popping it, I think I’m good. I should add it all up, though.

Not a very scientific approach, I know… LOL

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I would have to agree there @Matthew420
And @Donaldj made good points
Electrical work in no hobby and could kill if not done correctly!


Should I put my outlet bar in or outside tent? 2x2x5. Finally getting it situated @Hellraiser @ConcreteBudz . seems less cords running through port the better, light and seal wise. There will be the light, inline fan, clip on fan, that’s it for now.

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I put my power strips inside the tent, about 6 feet up so no water can splash on them.