How to conservate water for guerilla marijuana growing?

Where I live, my outdoor marijuana garden requires irrigation throughout the summer. In an effort to save water, I put a garbage bag at the bottom of every hole I made to add quality soil for the marijuana plants. I figured that the water and nutrients could not just drain right through the bottom of the holes. I also think that the root growth will only get about a foot deep, but their horizontal growth is virtually unobstructed. What’s your opinion on this?

That is probably a good way of holding water in fast draining soils. As you imagined, the roots travel wherever the water and nutrients go. Dig the hole slightly deeper—about 1.5 feet. Line the wall with the bag to create a basin around 6 inches deep. The roots that reach this pool will grow to be water roots, which are thicker and don’t grow root hair. Supplementing the basin with gravel, twigs, or rockwool will improve its water-holding capacity. I love guerilla marijuana growing…