Slow growing marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

I got some indoor white widow seeds back in June they seemed to do good at first then put them in a 45 gallon smart pot there very green and healthy but growing slow I have them in a green house out side I’ve been growing many years inside never out side is it possible that I’m over watering them even no there not yellow I have other plant to with same thing humidity is 60 70% never get to hot 90 degrees is the hottest they get

Yes it is totally possible you are over watering them. Yellowing is not the first sign of over watering in well fertilized marijuana. Marijuana roots are not too unlike cactus roots, they really need good drainage and can easily become waterlogged or drown with too much water.

45 gallon smart pot? If you mean the type of pots that have a reservoir in the bottom and wick the water up to the soil, then yes, this could be part of the problem, cannabis does not do well in these types of pots, they will often suffer from over watering symptoms in a pot like this.

The reason plants suffer as described above is that the rootzone needs oxygen. I do not like contraptions that appear to alleviate the grower keeping in touch with the plant. I suggest you either go to regular pots full of rich soil; Or go hydro, and get away from “Pots wiht brains” LOL Peace :smiley:

I bought a 1/4 ended up with 11 seeds, so want to learn to grow. I germinated 5, have 3 in 5 gallon buckets…75 degrees, an using 3 CFL 100 watt bulbs, also an growing inside.
Everything started great, now at 3 - 4 weeks plants just stop growing???, they all are around 4" tall with 4 flowers on top.
Any help are suggestions would be great.

Maybe check for roots my plants root through 5 gallon buckets within 2 weeks so I stopped using them and just started planting in the ground, but head of check for roots