Outdoor marijuana growing in water

A question from a fellow grower:

If growing out door in dirt can you grow in just water

Yes; You can grow in water. The process is called DWC - Deep Water Culture. You will need some water soluble nutrients to add each week or 2.

Yes in an aerated solution of nutrients and water, as in Deep Water Culture. You are going to need a water container big enough to contain the plants roots and a significant amount of water like a 5 gallon bucket or larger with a net pot and growing media to put in the net pot/basket and a way to aerate the water the roots are in with something like an aquarium pump and air stone/s. If you mean just in a stream or lake, that probably won’t work unless you have a way to bring lots of air to the roots and a way to secure the plant upright and where it won’t be washed away.