How to breed and when to pollinate marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

When or what week into the flower stage would you pollinate your females??? Do you go natural , or selective pollinate selected branches with a q.tip??? Whats your advice on the week into flower to seed.and if you could explain how to use the colloidal to fem, never done the colloidal ever, thankyou so much

G’day, latewood and MacGyver will have all the answers to your questions, but with colloidal silver you spray it on the branches you want to seed.
Sorry i can’t help more as I am not entirely sure about the rest.

Happy growing, Brendan.

Colloidal silver solution needs to be at least 35 PPM. You spray it directly on the branches you want to have male pollen sacs on. Some people only spray it on the bottom branches so they can still use the bud on the top. You don’t want to use the part of the plant that you spray. Once the pollen sacs are full, you use that pollen on any female plant and it will produce 99% feminized seeds.

You can pollinate, any time you want to after female flower have appeared and grown for a couple weeks.

You can also be selective and harvest pollen into a small brown paper bag. Place this bag over a developed Kola. This will allow you to breed seeds, and keep growing quality buddage for harvest.


Do you put it in 12/12 lighting when pollinating.Like over the flowers.


Pollination occurs naturally when both the male and female flower. The
male grows pollen sacks and when they open pollen spreads through the air.
So; Yes you would be in 12/12 when you pollinate. Peace, lw

Can you still pollinate in veg or no. I know.stupid question. We are all here to learn. Love :cupid: this site. YOU ROCK latewood. You are so advanced for me. Have a great day. Peace…

Irma. There’s plenty of articles about colloidal silver, in fact, Bergman’s Grow Bible covers the process in great detail. Taking a clone is a better way to get follow-on crops because they will be a direct copy of your plants. This enables you to have a year-round growing plan without buy seeds.

Good luck with your grow.


When you pollinate a kola with the bag method, does trichrome production drop across the whole plant or just the fertilized kola?

the fertilized buds white pistils will all turn red, and that bud produces seeds. if done well, the rest of the plant will remain unchanged, or at least it seemed like it to me when i tried it. my branch made seeds, and they sprouted, so i was happy with the test. and the flowers were fire too by the by.

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Thanks for the info Packy.

The pollen dropped about a week ago on my small breeding experiment. The males took about 6 to 7 weeks in flower (12/12 first 2 weeks then 10/14) when suddenly, they just seemed to burst open and shed the pods and pollen.

You can see pictures of the pollen drop at my grow pages HERE