How to add humidity to grow room if u have an exhaust fan

I have been looking in to adding humidity to my grow room i have 2 600 watt hps lights temp controler humidity controler my exhust fan is a 4" with a carbon filter and my lights have are hooked to mt exhaust fan if i leave my exhaust fan on 24/7 my temp stays between 73 and 77 no higher my room is a 5x8x6 i no i should have a 6" fan but if i put a 6" on my temps stay way to low and humidity drops from 30 to 15% sometimes lower thats why i went with a 4" fan and if i set my exhaust to my humidifer controler my can get my humidity up but my temps go up to 80 some times 90 so no im doing something wrong just cant figer out how to keep the temp and humidity at the right spot can anyone have any ideas

there r only 2 options…
1). build a sealed room with temp, RH, and CO2 control,
2). control the environment in a ‘lung room’ to supply your tent with better intake air.

i use a 16’x28’ garage as a ‘lung room’,
it is set at 68F and 50% RH, plenty of fresh air also,
my box runs mid 70’s and 40% RH lights on at top of canopy.!

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Thank u i was thanking of a co2 set up i already have a sealed room iv been looking in to it but look pricey but would love to some day i no it would help for shur guess im going to save up and and give it a shot dont realy have a room for a lung room but it would be nice

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