How soon til harvest time?

How much longer do I have to wait until harvest time? Only plant, found seed, strain unknown and grown outside … my first time…


Welcome to the community ! nice plant you still got a few weeks to go. After the pistols turn amber color and start to recede. Use a Jeweler’s loupe and start looking at your crystals when they get all cloudy you’re in the Harvest window. I usually wait till I see just a little bit of Amber.


Thank you very much … I appreciate your feedback so quickly. I grow a lot of other plants & flowers from seed but this one is completely foreign to me.

What’s up bro I am a first time grower and I was wondering if my plant was ready to harvest just needed a person wit a little more knowledge opinion


Sit back and enjoy show @Traw. You got a couple weeks left easy. Are you trimming those sugar leaves already?

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As @Medicated1 mentioned keep taking care of her she still got more to offer. Let those buds fatten up. 2 or 3 weeks.

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Yea I did I think i did to much though

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No pro here @Traw but I don’t trim sugar leaves till final trim. I usually give her a good whooping and rob lots of fan leaves a week or so into flowering.

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Will rain hurt if I am close to harvesting

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@Traw No you’re okay, but I would chop on a nice dry day.

Since we’re asking…

I have a few questions about my baby. She was planted from a random seed, so I know nothing about her.

  1. Is this a Sativa plant? It’s not terribly bushy.

  2. When is a good time to harvest? I’m in the Bay Area, so no worries about frosts.

  3. Many of the large leaves (are those called “fan leaves”?) and some of the smaller ones at the bottom of the plant have either yellowed or otherwise lost their deep dark color. Is something wrong, or is this natural while the plant is putting its efforts into producing the buds? It’s in great soil and I’ve fed it with some organic 3:3:4 fertilizer.

Thanks, everyone, for your assistance with this newbie!

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Waiting for my jewelers loupe to be delivered so I can get a better look at everything (like you suggested). This pic is from today … still a ways from harvesting? Guess I am just anxious …

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@TheNerve sorry for the delay I just seen your question. The large leafs would be call fan leafs
Santiva slender long narrow leafs.
Indica much fatter wider leafs.
Looking at the picture I would give it a few more weeks, start looking at the crystals with a Jeweler’s loupe when they all get cloudy you’re in the window to Harvest I like to hold off till I see just a little Amber.
Hope that helps good luck

Keep taking care of the plant ,she still has more to offer still pushing a lot of white pistols. You have a Few weeks to go. plant will put on the most weight the last couple weeks. Buds looking good. :+1:

You are a big help … thank you.

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Thank you for the compliment on the buds … it is nice to have found this site and such knowledgeable people for novice folks like me.

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What’s up bro I have nothing to see my trichomes up close here’s a pic lmk whst yu think I think its ready

Hey bro need advice harvest r naw

Can’t tell much from your night time pic , but the daytime pic looks like a lot of white pistils. 2 or 3 weeks probably, let those buds stack up and get more dense. Looking good!


Definitely need a couple more weeks Bud

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