How screwed are we?

I can’t even explain this away by saying it was a rookie mistake. It was just stupid.

About five days into our drying process, we had about 25% left of our crop - just one plant - left in the grow tent. I was afraid of drying out the remaining buds too much, so I turned off the fan and the extractor fan. And left the humidifier running. For about six hours. Needless to say, it was up to 99% when we realized it.

We’re now blasting both fans and the humidifier is off in a desperate attempt to stop any kind of bud rot. What is the prognosis for salvaging decent buds after this ridiculous lapse? Any chance of recovery if the buds don’t rot?

Thanks to all who respond!

Don’t panic it’s no different than if they were outside and it rained. Shake out any buds to remove any excess moisture and keep your fans full blast until you can’t see droplets on anything. Did you say your already cut buds you were drying were in your tent?

Edit = keep lights dimmed until no droplets are on your plants, it will burn em


Thanks, Easy. Good analogy to the rain. Fortunately, the buds did get moist enough to drip, but they are now very fluffy to the touch. And yes, we’re using the tent as the dry room for the cut branches and keeping it dark.

The RH is now 33%. Can this kind of seesawing mess up the process? Should we dry her out more gradually, or would that just make it easier for fungus to creep in? (We did a rough wet trim, so it’s mostly just bud and shortened sugar leaves.)

Thanks again and Happy New Year!

I meant to say, “…the buds did NOT get moist enough to drip.”

Other than some extra airflow I would put the rh back where you had it 45-55%. It sounds like they didn’t get to wet so you don’t want to wake you to crunchy buds. It’s probably gonna add a half day to your dry time and your buds will more than likely be a little darker once they’re dry kinda like when you wash em

Happy new year :tada:

Edit = don’t keep the fans directly on them for more than an hour or two


Any time you have moisture issues remember: peroxide is your friend.


@Myfriendis410 said what I was thinking.
Peroxide works great and leaves no residuals


Peroxide kills spores … honestly when dealing with bud rot you need to be preventative and not combative … prevention is key to fungus once it’s there its way established where you can’t see …that’s y alot do bud washes regardless of mold or bugs being present or not because there is always some kinda unseen crap that gets caught in the sticky glands