How often should i feed in a soiless medium?

A question of a fellow grower:
How often should i feed in a soiless medium like 3 feeds then water once then feed 3 times then water once and so on or just feed every time until the end flush or feed once a week and the rest water what do you think is is best?

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First: welcome to the forum. If you join we can help you more.

Soilless: coco or peat (Promix) is a great medium to use for growing cannabis. I have found increased growth and yield over soil IMO. PH 5.8 for coco and 6.2 for Promix.

Feeding versus watering is going to depend on a number of factors: size of pot, size and age of plant, where in the life cycle they are, what strain, how intense the lighting, humidity, temperature etc. So it’s more a matter of paying attention to what the plant is telling you.

I would suggest you start with a feed/water/feed/water cycle to start. You should not have to be higher than 900 ppm in veg and 1,300ppm for flower. As the plant fills out it’s pot the frequency of watering will go up. I usually water every other day until late in flower when the plants are more root bound and hungry. Do follow the recommended flushing points for your chosen nutrient line (if any). Fox Farms recommends doing so at different times in the grow when using their nutes.

Hope this helps. If you need to get anyone’s attention use the @ sign like this: @Countryboyjvd1971. Any thoughts, John?

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I use roots organics coco based soilless soil. I feed every other day to runoff at 1/4 nute strength. I may increase to 1/2 strength in flowering, but I watch my ppm runoff to make sure it is not rising. If it’s rising I back off a bit on nute strength, but I always water every other day (even if it’s just plain 5.8ph water). I also have well water and don’t have cal/mag issues to date. I have some recommendation to water daily, but I struggle to have the time to do that.