Growing in Coco medium

Is there a weekly feeding schedule for growing in Coco? What ratio of NPK should be used during which weeks, best pH levels, etc… Just like the grow schedule that was just posted Aug 6th, but for Coco medium rather than soil. Thx!

The schedule and NPK ratios would be the same as what has been previously posted, coco coir would be considered soiless and therefore a hydroponic medium and a 5.8 ph is ideal for hydro, 6.0 is ideal for soil. In general as long as you are keeping either medium between 5.5 and 6.5 you are usually going to be fine.

MacG…I have to disagree with your 6.0 recommendation for soil. Soil PH should 6.5-7.0; All day. Perhaps it was a typo.

A good product to use for coco is Botanicare CNS17. It is a system I tried out this past year for a soiless grow in Pro Mix BX medium. I started the seedlings with Pure Blend Pro, then changed over to CNS17 Good Luck

Sorry Latewood I have to disagree with you. There is nothing wrong with 6.0 in soil. However soil can go up to 7.0 without any problems.