How much time until the harvest

Hey! I want to know an approximated time that takes since I start germinating my seed until the day I have to harvest my weed, I have to go on a trip on about 50 days, I want to know if that time is enough? Or it would be better if I wait until I come in 3 months?

lots of factors involved in the timing. Are you growing photo or auto seeds?

some auto seeds may come to maturity in fifty days but I would not count on it… your best bet is probably to just wait until you can devote ninety days to your grow,…longer if you are growing photosensitive seeds.

I bought OG Kush (fem), Super Silver Haze and Chocolope, can’t I grow any of them in 50 days?
Please advices

To germinate a seed, sprout the seed, transplant the sprout, veg the sprout, then flower the plant, you’d never get a harvest.

Why not just wait until you’re back?

Just to flower a plant takes at least 7-10 weeks dude. You should download and read the grow bible. It will give you a realistic idea of how to grow.


most weed plants require more than 50 days just for flowering,…not counting the couple months required to veg in the first place… without an auto strain I just cant see it happening…unless you want to grow a 12 inch tall plant and harvest a 1/4 ounce?
Hopefully some of the other guys will chime in here as I am less experienced than most of the fellas here.


@oak I highly doubt he’d even get an eigth. It wouldn’t be able to even grow enough to flower enough.

Yeah you gotta wait till you get back!

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Listen to everyone here. The best advice you could ever want or get. And patience is the game with ladies like these…

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What everyone said is correct but if your just itchin t to grow something yiu could grow it outside and watch it til u leave and let nature take iver or you could start it inside for the time before your trip and start it outside in the shade for a week or 2. Before you leave for the trip and hope you get lucky. But of course if its illegal where you live it MAY not be a good idea Weigh out yiur pros and cons. Im new but I will just throw this out there, I am growing auto flower seeds, they finish faster than photo seeds, I started them on june 9th and thet still arent done yetand im not waiting on it longer than needed ,I watch it everyday hopin its finished.sorry about the typos, I cant see the screen while typing