How much peroxide ratio to water to spray on plants with bud rot

what us the ratio of 3 percent peroxide to water to spray on my plants because of bud rot?

Direct solution.

What I did was instead of using food grade peroxide like suggested because it was so expensive I just created a treatment bath. Fill a 2 liter bottle with 30% peroxide and the rest with distilled water. Fill it as high as possible with out over flowing. You want to get as much of the roots and the cup I. The solution as possible.

Put your plant in it for about 15 minutes then take it out and get rinse the roots very well with distilled water.

Empty the solution and create another bath and put them it back in it for about another 15 minutes. You should notice it’s not bubbling as much. Then tinge them again. Put them back in their home and check them the next day. Do this every other day until it’s gone.

In my experience, even straight 3% peroxide will not stop bud rot. Once it sets up, it’s a losing battle.

This product may slow it better than others. I haven’t tried it.