H2o2 for bud washing and WPW treatment

Hey everyone, I bought a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide from my Nutrient supplier a while back for “just in case” I get WPW on my buds at some stage (and I did )
I have done a bud wash in the past on a previous grow but the H2o2 I used was 30% strength and I think I used 150ml / 10L ratio.
Now I have this 50% strength H2o2 and a bit confused to what ratio to mix it to wash my buds before drying??
Also, I would like to do a foliar spray on my vegging plants ( for WPW ) before I nuke them with a Sulphur burn. What ratio should i use so I don’t hurt the leaves?

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Well at 3% it’s a quart per gallon…

At 50% that’s 16.5x more powerful…

So a quart per 16 1/2 gallons…

So there is your mix, if you want to make 16 1/2 gallons lol.

But not sure how much you want to make so I’ll let you do the math on the rest

First remove any heavily saturated leafs, be careful as spores are easily spread, then apy once per day until you can get it under control.

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It’s 1 cup of 3% peroxide in a 5 gallon bucket, I’ve seen lemon juice added 1/4 cup and a second bucket with a 1/4 cup of baking soda and of course a rinse off with just water in another bucket.


@Nicky 16.5 Gal LOL! So the bud wash and the foliar spray dilution ratios should be the same then?
My thinking is to use the spray bottle to blast as many loose spores off the buds and sugar leaves before dunking them in the bath… I will do this outside in the sun far away from the grow area.

Then the foliar mix will be sprayed on each plant taken outside just before lights out then shake them off and bring them back indoors with fans on full throttle and dehumidifier as low as it will go (35%)

Then will to do a sulphur burn the following evening to ensure the remaining spores die along with any other possible pests…

Make sense?

I used 3% straight up when I had rot. Cut it all out too. I would dilute it atleast 7-10%. Don’t want to bleach your buds. I once had some h202 concentrate leak in the back of my CR-V. Carpet turned from tan to white instantly. But that’s concentrated and accelerated h202. At max of 35%… so when you say 30%. What percentage did you start with? Since I’m not sure food grade goes that high. 34.5% high as I can find for food grade. Not accelerated of course.

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Actual bud wash ratio is 1 cup of 3% in 5 gallons of water. You would want to use something like 1 tablespoon of 50% pure and BE CAREFUL!!! That shit is rocket fuel; literally!

Foliar spray I’d be down around 1 teaspoon per five gallons. Remember too that unless you use distilled/R/O you can’t mix ahead as the peroxide will react to solids in tap water and dissipate into O and H20.


Ordinary peroxide obtained from a grocery or big box store is a 3% solution.

I keep wondering if I made a mistake …cause I didn’t use H202 I had no mildew or rot …

Just lemon juice and baking soda …
Less lemon juice in the second bucket
Just water in the 3rd

I feel like I was extremely rough with them too but I have some sparkle and through my loupe I see nothing as far as hair or bug carcasses

Really think I should have used a little H202 but I just think it’s harsh even diluted
Being outside for so long tho going forward I’ll probably use it …

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" When all else fails, read the manual " !! I noticed there is a label on the bottle and it says to dilute 3ml H2o2 / 5L water. I did this last night and blasted the powdery filth with the solution, shook the excess off the leaves then turned the lights off with humidifier set to 35% RH.
Quite a job doing 50 plants! My hand was cramping from squeezing the trigger a million times on the spray bottle.
The WPM is still there but I will do a sulphur burn tonight after lights out, they have all been fed their nutes this morning and are now waiting to be nuked ( along with the few fungus gnats hovering around ) I have duct taped the room off so the sulphur cant get to my flowering room.
Will do some before and after pics a bit later…

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Well my electric hot plate died 20min into the burn last night. Epic fail. At least the fungus gnats were killed off from the small burn.
Will buy a new plate today

Did a burn last night and actually set the temp too high and had a blue flame coming out of the tin and the room was seriously smoky. Removed the flaming tin and vented the room in case the plants got damaged.
Here are some before pics of the WPM…!
the infected room

the flowering auto was removed before the sulphur burn

Tonight’s plan is to do a longer burn for 2 hours at lower temp setting on the plate!
Plants should be clear in a week after that.
And this morning there were no fungus gnats flying around, only dead ones.