How much longer till choping trincombs are cloudy no amber yet

Stretch Combs


Looks like you still have a lot of white hairs. I wouldn’t even be looking at the trichomes yet. Wait for nearly all the hairs/pistils to turn brown and recede back into the calyx’s then start looking at the trichomes under natural light if possible with a loupe or a microscope. How long has the plant been in flower?

I start harvest as soon as I see amber. I can wait up until 30% amber on some.

Get ready, her she comes…


10-4 I got a microscope and I have yet to see any amber pictures of it cuz it Doesn’t hook up to my phone any procedure that you go through like a flush before you pull it or don’t even worry about it

Not sure how long it has been in flower probably six to eight weeks yeah I’ve got a hand-held microscope haven’t seen any Amber’s yet what is the procedure when you do decide to pull it newbie

What is calyxs

Lots of white pistils still. Probably have a few weeks left.


Thanks appreciate all the help I’ve sure learned a lot from this site


Calyx are the little pods that the pistils/hairs grow out of. Your too early to be worrying about trichomes. I think you got maybe 4 weeks to go. Wait for nearly all the pistils have turned brown receded into the calyx’s then start checking trichomes. Those buds will get bigger and fatter. Patients you’ve come this far. Biggest mistake by most newbie growers is harvesting too early.

Thank you very much why the smell of my house I figured it was ready😁


Wait until all white hairs recede back just be patient few more weeks but she looking great man

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Trichomes still look clear not ready yet

What scope do u have. I had a cheaper USB one and I used an app called otg view worked good enough to get pics of tricks with the thing lol. Plant looks super good does look like it has a couple few weeks still as the pistils r still light colored lots of whites there and there still pretty long pistils. The pistils will recede back into the calyx as the calyx swells around it. Kelp doing what ur doing now and u’ll be happy in the end. This is still the easier part lol. Dry and cure is like a biology test when u don’t know shit about biology :rofl::rofl::rofl:

We’ll have to look into this biology thing I don’t know s*** either

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It’s not biology lol but dry and cure needs good temps and rh it’s a bit to get used to and a hang of but u can do it if I did lol.