Trichome color question. clear or cloudy?

Hi this girl is on her week 14 and flowering for 5-6 weeks ( she show majority at week 6 and stretching at week 8-9 )

She is autoflowering sativa dominance and Im not sure with this color. is it clear or milky?

just want to clarified with experienced grower. I dont want to mess with my early or late harvested.

Soil still moist but need watering in a day or two so if she close to harvest I’ll take a look before watering. from what I see she still fattening and pushing more buds. 2-3 weeks left ?


Adding whole plants look and more colas here

She suffer from low pH high EC runoff. Already flushed out. Should i top up her nutes if it real close to harvest.

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All those white hairs and i didnt see any amber in those trich pictures. Its the hardest partwaiting 3 or 4 more weeks. Patience grasshopper


You got a few weeks to go… pick yourself up a wireless microscope on Amazon… Then you can get really up close and personal…


I agree, too many white pistils to check trichomes right now. Your plant will continue to produce new/clear trichomes.


That what my plant doing now :sweat_smile: and more white pistil growing too.

Thanks all answer, I was growing mad foxtail before and not sure is she got cloudy or clear.

@ChittyChittyBangin nice! I will take a look at this.

How was it now? I cut a few for mold reason.

Whole plant

Cutting branches. Mold buds was trash and keep checking this for further damaging.

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Did you wash with H2O/H2O2 (or chemical combination) upon harvest, before hanging?

Link to my thread and posted above the link is my hanging big bud rot issue.
Refer to frame 458

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I was looking into this thing. Those branches didnt wash but i found mold before it eat buds. Hanging in concealed room.

Thanks for info thread i will wash the rest when harvesting

Did you by chance get any pictures of this mold you found?

yep it only on surface tho but to be safe

actually it is on pistil


I see it now

Nice picture, mine looked like that.
Lost (cut out) one third of

It was wet trimmed and hung.
Day 3 found fan off and mold.
Popcorned whole inventory, looking for mold.
Taking 2-3x longer to dry this time of year (PNW rain daily, somewhere.)

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Now I have a separate issue for resolving…
Looking at trics today and found these

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Dang! Hope you can solve that.

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Your trichs are green and have legs, what strain is that. Joking aside sorry to see bugs in your grow.

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I have never had good results using ded bug on aphids. Neem works a little but notmuch. Amazon can have 1500 ladybugs to you in a day and a day later almost all aphids will be gone.

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Thats good info right there. :+1: Thanks for sharing that. I don’t have those, knock on wood, but makes me want to order some LB’s just as preventative maintenance. :v: