How many will fit

In a 4x4x 80" tent with tsw2000 and if i wanted to do sea of green how many fabric pots and what size with coco and jacks 123 should i do.

I was Asking about this aswell One person said 6 wont fit 4 will to me so I upped it to 5x5 so I can have 6 comfortably

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I ran 15 plants in one gallon pots in half of my 4x8 tent and one plant on the other side you can will it up with one plant if you lst or scrog I got a hella harvest from the 15 skywalkers but damn it’s soooooo much more work then just training one plant to fill up the space

@Noobgrower95 U didn’t let it past a one gallon pot? Did they grow tall or stay short?

They got to be about 2 ft tall vegged one week flowered 10

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4 Comfortably. you can put 6…

What was that harvest like I’m looking for anything after a pound the least

In general 4 square foot per plant should be considered a minimum when growing under normal circumstances. @Allinherhead is asking about a SOG or sea of green where you grow many plants in a small space, flower them as soon as possible and concentrate on just one or a few colas per plant.

I tried it last summer with 9 plants in a 3x3 tent growing in 1 gallon pots using an AutoPot Easy2Go system so I didn’t have to try to water every plant every day or two. I kept cutting off the bottom branches but that just encouraged the main stem to grow taller and in no time my Amnesia Haze autoflowers had grown past the lights and were 6 feet tall. I scrapped the project. I didn’t want to top autoflowers but that was obviously a mistake in a SOG. I should have read a few SOG journals before starting out I guess.

Yes, sog. I don’t mind doing the work. Watering etc. I just want as absolute much bud as I can get in that tent with that light. For my 1st grow I did this hydro setup with one plant. I’m not sure what my result will be. Wanted to get a grow in and the gorilla glue seeds I ordered were a month late so I started this raspberry cough from a gifted seed. I don’t mind running 2, 4 or however many that will yield the most. Not interested in soil grows.

If you did 3 gallon pots, evenly spaced you could do 9. A lot of this depends on how long you veg, and phenotype.
Obviously 1 gallons you can cram more in, but you’ll flip sooner…

Thank you

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Check out 8 autos, organic fed coco, 2x4 tent. Search @MeEasy he will load them up too. I currently have 5 clones in 3 gallon pots in a 3x3. This is from a week ago. They have grown a couple inches since then and I flipped on 1/31. It will get interesting to say the least. I usually grow 4 in 5 gallon bags

Then for kicks I have 12 single colas clones in 6" nursery pots in a 24x18 space

This is their underside a couple weeks ago

I guess you can pick a number and make it work.


Hi @Allinherhead I have a 4x4 that I’m currently growing 8 5 gallon photos in had 9 1 was male. I normally grow with as many fit it’s a habit from when I grew only reg seeds. I grow in living soil my current grow was switched to 12s on 1/11 and this pic is from 2/2
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I would do around 20 plants in a 4x4. You could use 1gal pots but do it with plastic pots. I know fabric pots are awesome but it would be better with water retention in the long run.

I’m currently doing a SOG style grow but I’m in a 3x3. Currently I have 18 going at the moment. I use Jack’s Nutrients too with canna coco. Been using it for about 2 years now

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Your light isn’t really suited to flowering a full 4’x4’ area. If you place it in a 3’x3’, or get additional light, you’ll get the results you’re hoping for.

I base the number of plants on the morphology of the particular cultivar I’m growing; I use clones, so by the time I’m ready to lay out the grow I have a good idea of how much space they need. I try to get it to 1 plant every 6”x6”, and those plants would have a single cola. I trim away all the axial limbs. As far as container size, if the plants are that small, a half-gallon or smaller works fine for coco using high frequency fertigation. Even a large solo cup should be fine because the plants are so small.

Like to how yours are doing. Sounds similar to what have pictured. I am using soil in the nursery pots. If I had used coco I would want them in some type of tray system which I know nothing about. The 6" pots are just under .5 gallons.

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Glad you threw a photo on here. I really like your stuff and I believe you don’t do a journal.

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The most annoying part about small containers is cable management. It’s fine though. I’ve built irrigation systems with 1” lines out of 4” mains that were under pressure. That was not fun.

I have long arms and a couple very big syringes. A couple of passes and I get plenty of runoff in the tray. I think of it as quality time with the girls.