How many should I grow in my 3 x 3 tent?

I have 6 seedlings in 3 gallon fabric pots.

Last grow I had a 30" x 30" space.
This grow it’s 36" x 36".

Last grow was 2 Fast & Vast and 2 Northern Lights autoflowers.
This grow is White Widow autoflowers.

Last grow got a bit crowded but still worked with 4.
I’m wondering if these ILGM WW Autos will be about the same size or should I give them even more space by going with 2 or 3?

11 days old:

W.W. Can stretch significantly , and also branch out .

In the ILGM description they have the WW Autos listed at a height of 2 feet max. I assumed that these plants stay pretty small?

Since these are autoflowers and not photos does this still hold true?

I’m not exactly sure if that’s correct , but again it’s only a scientific analysis , but by the seeds being hybrid , they have different characteristics , and you won’t really know until it’s grown . Now the white widow fem seed I growed in a one gallon pot stretched taller than my 5 foot tent in a one gallon , and I had to cut it short at 5 weeks in flower , for several reasons , one it was root bound going into flower , two it stretched really tall and consumed the whole tent , and three I went on a weekend vacation and it didn’t get water for 3 days I was gone and it dried out beyond saving . The buds was nice size , but the potentcy was really low , but when I grow it next time , I’ll definitely put the W.W. In a 5 gallon pot because now I know it will stretch and it develop lots of roots , but I’ll main line it , and train it in a scrog grow .


I’m probably gonna settle on 4.
The two on the left will most likely go bye bye.

I struggle with 2 in a 2x2x5 because you can’t really trim auto’s too much without the risk of stunting they growth .

I would honestly Try my luck with all 3 for first while if they are listed at 2’ft they may actually fit and grow ok. I would just hate to see someone throw away 1/3rd of their potential yield before they know they won’t fit for sure.

also adversity is a fast teacher you may learn more or be surprised what you can accomplish given a little challenge :slight_smile:

I think you meant to say all 6 of them. You make a good point.
I’ll leave them unless they start crowding too much.

lol at 5am I tend to miss a few details but yep you got it right

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