How many plants will comfortably fit in a 4x4 grow tent

I am a new grower. I have started to germinate some regular seeds I had laying around. My intention’s is to buy the grow tent that was linked to the course I believe that it is 4x4. I also bought the fruity package from ilgm I don’t want to waste my seeds so what shall I do first or how many seeds to germinate with the fruity seeds that will maximize the space. I am also concerned that Robert said that he uses the MN 400 for veg. and 600hps for flowering. My question is will there be a big difference with using only the 600hps for growing and flowering. I want to maximum the return on my investment. I also get caught up in using exact measurements products and so forth so I just want to know the differences thanks

Hi I used HID mh/hps lights always have in a 4x4 tent a 600w is about the best bulb for both footprint and temps. Now I can’t really say how many plants you can grow in that space since it depends greatly on how you plan to grow SOG SCROG LST as well as size of plants when they start to flower comfortably and natural 4-5 plants in 5 gal buckets 2 well scrogged. Sea Of Green 16 or more in hydro you see why there is no one answer? What each person can grow in same space differs greatly :slight_smile:

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4-6 plants depending on grow methods and style. Keep in mind that you always want to have good airflow around your plants. Too many plants and the air gets stagbabt and you develop issues on your buds and leaves. :slight_smile:

I also agree that with clones you can put 1 every SF, but you must flower in 2-3 weeks of veg starting time.

Thanks that helped. One thing though okay may be a couple. I have the fruity seed pak from ilgm. Which consists of blueberry, pineapple haze, and stawberry kush. The first has flowering period of 63 day the second 85 and the third 55. Should I just stick to planting one or is it possible to do the first two together.

You could do all together if you don’t mind the extra delay though I suspect the 63 and 55 day together is better option since an 83 day flower is sativa dom and will likely be larger and taller than the others making light height a challenge. Not saying it won’t grow in tent just that you want your lights in sweet spot for all plants so size does factor also the days are not set in stone plants sometimes take longer or finish early if space is a premium than the closer they finish the better :slight_smile: