How many here have used Burgman's fertilizer?

If you have used it how does it compare with the Fox farms trio?

I used it with a ILGM Girl Scout Cookie Auto run. It worked very well. I haven’t used FF nutes though.

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Thank you sir.

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If you’d like to check out the actual grow I journaled it here. Start at the beginning, it’s where the GSCA are located.

Field of Dreams & The Continuing Grow Saga…

Hey @Eternal1 , Are you looking to try a new nutrient line?
If so you might try Jacks 321. Super easy, cheap as dirt and a ton of fellow growers here using it and can support you with advice. It grows big thick stalked plants.
Let us know what you are considering.


Hi there. I am out of :heart: already but i agree with @Spiney_norman and Jack’s 321 fert. Have fun grow big

A big thanks to all of you.

I used bergmans my first grow. It worked well. I switched to general hydro and then switched to jacks. A lot of people here use jacks and it works great. I would suggest going with jacks.

I used it first grow. Then it was out of stock and didn’t know when it would be back. So switched to FF Trio but the flushing was a pain in the butt,now using Jacks 321.

I tried it and advanced nutrients. 5 plants in berman 5 in advanced. They did ok with bermans. No deficiencies etc but. I had more of the first two and ran oit of flower nutes. Says its enough for 5 plants from start to finish… but had to use advanced nutirents for last 2 weeks. I dont like you cant buy just one of bergman u have to buy the whole set.

My second grow gling now and im using just advance nutrients