How long will my Skywalker OG take?

I flipped this Skywalker OG from ILGM on October 20th and I’m in the middle of week 10 flower. I read that it would take 8 to 10 weeks but I’m in the middle of week 10 and still there are not really any Amber tricombs. I’m looking to harvest when I have about 10% Amber. They are all just cloudy now I wish I would have known that it would take this long to finish because I would have extended the feeding schedule. I was using Gaia green organic amendments and earthworm castings, but I have been flushing for almost a month I know it’s going to be really smooth smoke and the buds are super dense. But has anyone else grown the strain? And how long does it take you to finish? I have other plants in my veg tent that are outgrowing it, and I really need to flip them to flower


I like a lot of amber and it often takes 12(ish) weeks to get there.


How long for 10% amber did yours take??

Usually flower time given is from bud growth (buttons) and not from flip. So you’re more like 62 - 58 days into flowering (allowing 10 - 14 transition days)


I look for 25% amber and it usually takes 12 weeks, give or take a week.

Not sure how you might like your buzz, but folks do need to take into account that THC will continue to oxidize into CBN (the sleepy cannabinoid) even after harvest via oxidation. It’s for this reason that I put my harvests in mason jars that I vacuumate with a Food Saver. Putting a vacuum on the jars minimizes oxidation.

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Awesome, thank you. I have noticed that I really like using the grove bags after they are done drying and leave freshly dried bud hanging in a sealed Grove bag. For a month or so then transfer over into jars. I am still sort of new at the Harvey and I haven’t yet got it dialed in to use just jars without having the Hay smell.

Bud is just like wine. I dried out my summer harvest which only came out to about 200 grams. Of some seeds a friend gave me it was my first seed to harvest grow. The drying was the hardest part. But what I did was I striped it if all of its fan leaves and any leafe after that was not a bud. And by the time I dried out I didn’t even have to trim. A week before I was going to cut her down I used to go out on my lunch break and just trim her. And I hunger them in my tent made sure the humidity was around 60%. And just let her go. I used to check up on her and finally when her branches snapped and didn’t bend I knew it was time. I put them into jars and burped them once a day. And the longer I left it in a dark place and opened it up to breathe everyday. Oh man. My backyard grow was getting me higher then the stuff I was buying. You have to be patient sometimes weeks sometimes months. But I will never use plastic bags.

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I’m not familiar with the using those organic brands, but I’m not sure you need to quit feeding with organics. I mix fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3 in with my soil when I’m potting it up, then top dress after about 6 weeks, then top dress once during flowering. It feeds all the way through even when using straight water. I think you’ll got 12 weeks to get what you want on yours.

Back out 10-14 days for transition to flower :love_you_gesture: