How long until harvest?

Hi Everyone,

May I ask how long do you think until I will need to harvest? I’m a first time grown she (Gelato) is currently 7 weeks into flower.

P.S I’ll be getting my magnifying glass later today

Thanks for any advice

Later today


Getting close. A week, maybe 2. That bud is definitely bud of month contender. I’d enter it next month. I’d vote for you


Do you have something to look at the trich’s. Closeups would be helpful.

thanks @HornHead, I’ll look to give it one last feeding and start flushing. I’ll also post a pic of the trichs when I get home for confirmation. Thanks for your help :+1:t6:

Hey @WickedAle I’ll have my magnifying glass later so I’ll post some pics of the trichs when I get home :+1:t6:

@BigPerm beautiful bud bro! I have 3 gelato’s at 8 1/2 weeks. This is what they look like with a trike shot. Thinking I have at least a week to go. Hope it helps some…



@DaGoose nice shots and plant! Your trich’s are mostly cloudy but still no amber. You will be looking to to get some to maximize your potency and weight. Good example for @BigPerm to look at!


Wow! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: it looks like I’m a few weeks away at least, I’ll definitely be comparing to your plant going forward. Thanks matey

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It’s been two weeks and I’ve finally got a half decent trich picture :tired_face:

What do guys think? Do you think it’s time to start flushing? I thought it would be ready in two weeks

Thanks :+1:t6:

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Here is a picture of the room. Big thank you to this site and the people on here. I would not have been able to do this without everyone’s knowledge. I’ve been more of a stalker than poster lol thanks again


There are some amber but also a lot of glassy trich’s. How close do you run your light. It could cause premature amber’s if too close. I think they still have a 1 week or 2. Depends on what you are looking for.Here is a picture guide:


Thanks @WickedAle, I’ll be looking to harvest like the either of the last two pics. Would you recommend flushing for two weeks? My growing medium is Soil

The lights are way to close to the plants. My tent is 60x60x160 and the girls ran out of room, I have the main colas in the corner to avoid the lights (optic2 LED) from it burning them. I rotate them every couple days.

Next time I’ll try some light training to avoid this happening again

Thanks for your advice

@BigPerm your girls looked awesome! The buds are much bigger than mine. Great job. My 3 are at day 72 and still not ready. Not sure if Gelato has a long flower period or I did something.

Here’s what they looked like yesterday if it helps at all…


Thanks @DaGoose, If I’m honest, i’m trying to get them like yours lol Thats a big help, I’m a little unsure which of my trich’s look clear and don’t want to mess up my first grow.

Ah mine are at 8 week from first sign of flower, according to the description its supposed to be 8-9 weeks flower time but it is %40 salvia so maybe thats why it taking longer? Have you started flushing yet?

@BigPerm I starting flushing with water only last week. I started counting with the light flip to 12/12. Don’t recall how many days after until the first sign of flower. So the timing of our grows is pretty similar. The bud pistols are all orange. If you judged only by appearance they look like they are more than ready to harvest. The trikes tell a different story with the microscope.

I read a bunch about gelato too. It’s funny how many different flower times and expected yields they reported. Since I’m going out of town for a few days next this Friday, I most likely will harvest them Wednesday or Thursday so they start the drying process before I leave, but will still have a few days more when I return.Would rather have them a bit under than over. If they taste anything like they smell, it’s gonna be some fine smoke eh? Good luck!!!