End of Week 5, Bubba Kush and Gelato, 1st time in a tent, 1st post

This has been fun so far, I hope I can keep em going to finish. Never been through a decent dry and cure, but I’m getting ready,

Anyone know how long the Gelato takes to finish?

Very Stoked So Far!


welcome to the community. is this an auto?

Welcome to the community. Nice looking plant.

You should be stoked they are looking great keep it up

Nice looking buds starting to form. You have a long way to go still at least a month probably more than that maybe 6 weeks. Plants finish when they finish even seeds from the same batch/same parents same soil, same nutes, same environment/tent, can finish weeks apart. There’s too many variables for pot plants to finish in the same amount of time as someone elses plants, growing under entirely different conditions.


Looking awe so far. Nice job. Appears to have quite some time left on her. Almost looks like she is done with the first good bulk up she does. A jewellers loupe will be a good friend the rest of the grow as the tricomes will be the tell if she is done or not. Do u have a scope or a loupe to see the tricomes.

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No its a photoperiod

No, but its time to get one because my photos blown up is not quite what I want it to be for clarity.
This is the gelato bud, they seem like they have much farther to go than the Bubba, but look really nice up close. I am trying to learn patience.


Looking nice.

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Nice healthy looking buds. Long long ways to go yet. There’s no way to guess when the gelato will be done, but your still several weeks away.

My gelato took between 100 to 110 days start to finish depends on the flower time really. Just keep an eye on the trics and you will not be disappointed with that strain.


You want to wait until nearly all the white hairs to turn brown and recede back into the calyx’s, then start checking trichomes with some kind of magnifier for cloudy to amber, depending on the high you’re looking for, but you have many weeks left before looking at trichomes will even matter. Chill and watch her bulk up.

If you can keep that ph and ppm in the soil consistent for the next month you’ll smash it :muscle:.

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Thanks. I just introduced silica to help stiffen up my stems my buds are heavy already. I’m excited but skiddish. I am RDWC and the plant has gotten too big to remove from the tent on water changes. Im hoping that turns out ok as I can’t clean out the reservoir like normal. Thanks for that encouragement!


Start of week 7 of flower. Pistils are starting to turn brown on the gelato plant, and the lower buds on the Bubba Kush. They are putting on weight it seems.

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