How long to wait for amber trichromes

I’m on my 6th grow since starting as a newbie. I have 2 5×5 tents in a dedicated room. Currently I have 5 feminized white widows in tent 2 at 60 days old, just hit the end of week 3 flowering, looking really good, they will be grow 7.
In tent 1 I have 1 cherry Pie and 1 blue dream, both 125 days from sprouting. I believe the cherry Pie hermorphidited so, seeds aplenty. Im sure it got the blue dream too. Both are covered in trichromes, colas are heavy and needed support. I’m waiting for the trichromes to start turning amber, but, not one yet. All my previous grows, save the 1st, I’ve harvested at 103 - 106 days, never having waited until amber. The weed has been potent and strong. Have I missed even greater potency by harvesting too soon? I’ve been going for an approximate 110 days from sprout to harvest, planting a new crop every 55 days. These 2 were an experiment to see if 2 plants would grow bigger with more room… did not. But this time im waiting for amber! Whats the timeframe for you folks in days until amber?
I’m getting impatient :unamused:.


@mikromo post some pics so that fellow growmies can offer informed advice. Typically I have waited for 70%-80% of the pistils turning amber and the trichromes are cloudy with the start of trichromes turning amber.

Do you have a microscope? If not up close pics would help.

My preference is cloudy trichromes when I’m starting to see the onset of amber trichromes.

Site for reference: Marijuana Trichomes - Photos and Maturation Data - Pevgrow

Good stuff! Might encounter different flavors with time also. Havent grown them but there are pics around of others here

What makes you say this? Do you see male flowers? Have you found actual seeds in it?

If there is male pollen present, you can bank on that.
If the flowers got pollinated then all bets are off on how it will perform. Once pollination occurs, the plant shifts to seed production as a priority.

Some strains and genetics within individual seeds sometimes make it where amber is not as noticeable. Some of my White Widows were stubborn about turning amber trichs. Not sure how the possible pollination would affect the ripening.

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I’m new to this 18months of growing, I have grown way to many to count. But patience is a virtue. I have felt or wonder the same what if, I have also had some great smoke but have only gone milky not much amber. Well things are different this time I have a bunch close of the strain better comparison if I can hold out. LOL. They talk to me some of my trics this morning

I’m going to try for some couch lock I guess thats what its called now, I just want some wheelchair weed. :relaxed:


WW is i believe a sativa dominate strain. Great buzz as im smokeing some as i type. But being a sativa it probably isn’t going to be as couch lock as a indica would be in general. Mine gets me up and moving weather i want to or not.


Beautiful pictures :blush::v:

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If a plant is self pollinated, either nanners popped or male flowers grew on your female, there is a very very high likelihood the seeds will be carrying the herm trait. Any seeds produced from this will be strongly genetically predisposed to hermaphroditism. Dealing with this issue currently in a strain that we would like to try to keep around.

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