How long to see results?

I recently had an issue with one of my flowering Girl Scout cookies extreme Autoflower having a calcium deficiency. I top dressed the plant with bone meal but haven’t seen any results, how long does it normally take to see a change? I don’t want to overdo it and cause a nutrient lockout but I also don’t want to hesitate and allow the deficiency to get any worse and affect my yield :sob::sweat_smile:

Can you put some pics of your plants on here, damaged leaves will not recoup, look at the new growth and see how it’s doing

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Bone meal is very slow acting and can easily mess up your soil if overdone.

Cal mag products are an easy to use and very effective way to treat calcium and or magnesium deficiencies.


Damn I wish id have known that, I didnt want to wait for delivery out of fear that the extra time might make things worse so I opted for the bone meal because it was immediately available. If I order cal mag now could I still apply it without issue or would that with the bone meal be a potential overload???

Size of pot?
Amount of bone meal used per pot?
Runoff pH?
Runoff ppm?


Pot is 5 gallon
Bone meal called for one table spoon each
Run off right now is between 6.5 and 6.7
Ppm N/A

could he mix up some kind of foliar spray for a fast acting fix?


Sure. You can foliar spray cal mag.

Keep in mind the damaged leaves will not recover.


Ok so I looked up foliar spay :sweat_smile: this might be a super novice question but isnt spraying on the leaves bad cause it could burn them by magnifying the light?

You spray with lights off or dim. Some spray just before lights off, but that’s risky if you’re trying to avoid humidity spikes.

Yes, with full light intensity there is a high probability of lensing the leaves.

I’m not a huge proponent of foliar sprays, but sometimes it’s the only option.


Ok so ive got my hands on cal mag, should I use it in my next watering or use as a foliar spray??? I dont see anything about dilution rates, does it not need to be diluted before using as a spray?

My cal mag says 1 tsp per gallon for watering. Not sure about a spray.