Is this cal mag deficiency

I’ve got one out of four plants looking bad with one just barely bad looking, basically all growth the same except the 2 we’re outdoors for a month. I added 1 tsp of cal mag to 1 gal of water and watered all 4 plants so 1/4 of a gallon used on the sickly one. Is that all or repeat for the rest of it’s growth??

Strain- Purple kush clones

Method- Foxfarm soil- ocean forest.

Vessel- 5gal. bucket,

Ph- tap water 6.8

Ppm- unknown

Indoor tent w/ 1 Mars-hydro tsw2000 led, small fan, small oscillating space heater, carbon filter and 2 vent openings to let air in/out.

Temperature- day 79F, night 69F

Humidity- 45-55%

Co2- No

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It does look like the symptoms of calcium deficiency. You should see it stop progression if you are now supplementing it. But the damaged leaves will not get better. I nipped my ugly leaves so I could better tell if the progression had stopped.


I’m going through same thing and battling low PH in soil ( impossible to bring up lol) I wish you luck

Are you feeding anything yet?
At that age in FFOF it should be ready for a regular feeding now.

That first pic shows leaf rust. Personally the only cure I use is cut those leaves off asap.
It will also give you new growth. Try to keep your plants as dry as you can for 3 or 4 days in general. The rust need wet to florish and spreads if you don’t remove it. Be careful as it spreads by spores that float onto other plants.
It wont kill your plant but it will effect bud size and potency.

Been there. Oops

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I boosted with earth dust about 2 weeks ago

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