How long to get rid of pest

Omg, how long does it take to get rid of the pest on my ladies? Ive used captain Jacks, monterrey bt, and peroxide rotating in 3 days. Im pulling my own hair out!!!

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Lets see the bugs

I went on the greenhouse this morning and found a caterpillar on one. Ive been trying to get rid of spidermites. Seems like when i think im in the clear they just return…

Found this little fellow in my greenhouse also


Look at BT for caterpillars and moths


Unfortunately, once you’ve started to fight bugs you’re in for the long haul. This was the case with me and thrips, and I know spider mites are very tenacious.

Be prepared to continue to treat throughout. And bud wash at harvest time.


This is the one i used… and captain jack dead bug…

Spider mites are worse than terminators. They’re basically indestructible.

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Turned some lady bugs in my ladies, do i still spray for spidermites, or will they take care of them

not sure about spider mites but ladybugs will eat the thrips, they also clog up your exhaust fans so keep an eye on that.
DE or aquabac on and in the soil has always worked wonders for thrips in my experience.
a mosquito bits in your water also works well for thrips.

I doubt it. Kind of like putting out a forest fire with a garden hose.

I used organicide last indoor grow. Killed everything in three days. I am trying cannacontrol now but not as effective. I just received crop defender 3 next.

I hate spider mites!

Ive use crop defender 3 didnt work

Organicide is $9 for a tester bottle that makes a gallon of spray.

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Still fighting spider mites, but my girls are starting to grow and fatten up…

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