How long should I veg?

I’m about 2 months into veg with my ak47 fems. Plants only about 16-18 inches tall but is getting pretty bushy and dense. Still producing new growth and I don’t know when I should force flowering. … I’m obviously trying to achieve maximum yield …any tips guys?

…how much light height do you have? You could start now, plants gain in height so your height restriction and how soon you want smoke are factors ?
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I have 7 feet or so. Thanks

Extending vegging can give bigger heavier yields , adding Co2 also can help increase yields and giving nutrient additives in conjunction with Co2 , intense light and training can also give bigger yields and a scrog can also help give bigger yields .

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I think I would consider flowering soon, to make sure you are able to keep some headroom for the lamps. :slight_smile:

8 weeks imo, make sure you groom it properly in that 8 weeks and your plants will thank you for it in flowering. :wink: