How long for auto flowering northern lights to be ready?

Auto Flowering Harvest times I know varies. I just need a ball park. Also how do you know when to harvest?

I’ve never grown that strain before but as far as knowing when to harvest. You will know that by looking at the trichomes. They will start out clear, then they will get milky. Its up to you when you want to harvest by what kind of high you are wanting. If you are looking for a heady high I would harvest when trichomes are cloudy but not turning amber yet. If you want a couch lock high, then you would wait until about 20% to 30% od the cloudy trichomes start to turn an amber color. Welcome to the forum!! Someone who has grown the Northern lights autos will chime in with some lifespan info!!

Thanks guys so much that pic helps tremendously.

I ran into another problem I moved my ladies. In the process I had a doll fall on one it bent and broke branches and the trunk bent and cracked but didn’t break off. Is this the end of the plant or can it be saved? Thank you all.

I too moved a NL Auto and broke a main stem. Actually split it in two. I took a couple rubber bands and strapped it back and a twist tie for extra support. That was two weeks ago and she looks just fine.
The plant is pretty resilient to damage. Splint it and fix it as best as you can and it may surprise you. Search the forum for “Broken Stems” and you will get some ideas on how to fix it.
Until it actually dies do not give up on it.

Tape it up and support it, be suprised what they can take.

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Welcome to the community. Support break and should bounce right back. Northern Light Auto one of my favorites they usually take me 16 weeks to finish. I have had a couple take a little longer. Well worth the time good luck with your NL .

I appreciate all the help I have never grown before and your information is so valuable. Thank you again.

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I’ll post the update