How long far in am i before harvest first grow

I have kind of small grow room with 300w led my climate in day is 23-24 Celsius degrees humanity 58 night 18-20 celsius degrees. And humanity 48-50. And I am growing amnesia haze feminised. Can you guy’s help me in her and try to tell me how long time before harvest I am


Beautiful buds. Harvest time depends a little on you. But watch the tricomes. When you start seeing more amber it’s getting closer. If you want more of a head high, harvest when 25% amber. If you want a fuller couch lock then 75% amber. If you post just 1 good pic of tricomes we can zoom in on the pic you post.


Yes I can try it was really hard for my phone camera to zoom in microscopic. Should I look after Amber on the leaf or on the bud?

Better then this I can’t get it.

Just 1 picture. If you post multiple ones we can’t zoom.

Pick one of the 4 then so can i upload that again

#2 well try or just do it without the loup. Just take a shot of the bud as close as you can.

They all look clear (and beautiful) to me.

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