How long do you think i have left?

GS Cookie extreme. Flipped to 12/12 on 11-27-20.
How long do you think I have?


Any help appreciated. 3rd grow here so still learning chop timing. Thanks!


Which means you are only about 5 weeks into flower (2 week transition). Lots of white pistils. You have 3 to 5 weeks to go I’d say; based on the timing of light change.

How about an overall shot of the plant and one representative cola, in white light?


Depending on your lights. I’ve noticed ILGM Strains are a minimum 7 weeks of flowering with times going as long as 9 weeks. Autos tend to be between 95-105 days total. Ofcourse, your mileage may very. Lights, temps and humidity all play a role in the growth of cannabis. Your ladies do look fine so, whatever your doing… Keep it up. Beep.

Thanks I will get new pics tomorrow. I appreciate the help. I was thinking I had about 3 weeks left.

This weekend I had to support a bunch of branches because the buds were getting top heavy. lol. Not a bad problem!